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Dating & Relationships

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What's your ideal date?
*please keep it clean guys* My ideal date would be very simple. Ill enjoy just being there by your side. We could go for a long walk in a park, sit down, then simply enjoy the view. Later on we could find a nice little restaurant to eat at. After di...
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18-21, M
17 replies
Jun 7, 2017
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LucyFuhr51-55, F
Oh boy! Did somebody say "shopping"?
Be still, my heart!

PlumBerries26-30, F
[c=#7700B2]my ideal date is doing anything that is fun while having a long good easy going conversation where I get to learn more about who I am on a date with and hopefully feel a connection. I don't really care what we are doing though but a fun date is the best[/c]
SerenitreeF Best Answer
Best date I ever had was with a friend who worked 4 pm to midnight. He called and asked if I'd like to go out after work and get some take-out Chinese food. We got it and being the middle of the night, the playgrounds were deserted. And back in the 1960s they weren't the cess pools they are now. We went to a playground, ate the food and played on all the equipment. It was great. I've never enjoyed any date that much, before or since.

June 7/17
11:08 pm
NewBeginning18-21, M
@Serenitree: I've been on a few playground dates :p (only with close friends tho)
@EternalSolitude: yeah, HE was a close friend.

Thanks for best answer.


June 7/17
11:16 pm
cycleman56-60, M
mine would be square.
Hot but not plastic she'd have a bit of 'spunk'.. oh. Funfair then kebab and a movie.
MikefromEP51-55, M
Keep it clean guys AND gals would be more proper :O
NewBeginning18-21, M
@MikefromEP: let people get offended :/ if they have a legitimate reason I'll apologize and try to change my habits. Until that day, I don't care XD
MikefromEP51-55, M
@EternalSolitude: But... how can you apologize and not care...馃
NewBeginning18-21, M
I don't care until they give me a legitimate reason to be a upset. If they have a reason that makes sense to me I'll start to care then apologize.
SW User
My date would go like this:
1) Inviting her to lunch at a restaurant.
2) Watch a movie that both of us would enjoy.
3) Hang out, walking, strolling.
4) Win her something in the arcade.
5) Finally, watch the night sky with her on an open field.
NewBeginning18-21, M
@ThePhilanthropeOtaku: what about supper? Haha sounds cute tho!
SW User
@EternalSolitude: Uh yeah... I forgot about dinner. Then I'm gonna make it under the starry sky dinner.
NewBeginning18-21, M
@ThePhilanthropeOtaku: a picnic!

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