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What's your ideal date?
*please keep it clean guys*

My ideal date would be very simple. Ill enjoy just being there by your side. We could go for a long walk in a park, sit down, then simply enjoy the view. Later on we could find a nice little restaurant to eat at. After dinner we could decide after. Perhaps a movie? More waliking? Heck we could go shopping first then take an evening stroll in the park. As long as I'm by your side I'll be at peace
18-21, M
17 replies
Jun 7, 2017
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MikefromEP · 51-55, M
Keep it clean guys AND gals would be more proper :O
NewBeginning · 18-21, M
@MikefromEP: yeah where I live guys is just a general term for human. Both boys and girls say guys for a large group.
MikefromEP · 51-55, M
@EternalSolitude: Same here... but people get finicky on the internet more
NewBeginning · 18-21, M
@MikefromEP: let people get offended :/ if they have a legitimate reason I'll apologize and try to change my habits. Until that day, I don't care XD
MikefromEP · 51-55, M
@EternalSolitude: But... how can you apologize and not care...🤔
NewBeginning · 18-21, M
I don't care until they give me a legitimate reason to be a upset. If they have a reason that makes sense to me I'll start to care then apologize.

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