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How to get over a loss ?
18-21, M
10 replies
Jan 29, 2017
Allow yourself to heal. It's okay to be angry too. I was really angry with my grandmother for passing. But over time I forgave myself and accept the fact she wasn't around anymore. I don't think you ever get over a loss. You just learn to deal with it.
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
There's a lot I couldn't say and now I could never. How long does it take to heal ? Should I skip classes ? Will that help ?
@itjustbegan: everyone deals with it differently, do what feels right.
coary987 · M
@itjustbegan: you can always talk to her anytime I am sure she is with you always.
She definitely would not like if you skip school.
You know what she would think if you did ...
Keep yourself busy so you don't have time to dwell on it.
InvaderNice · 22-25, M
The healthy human mind needs to go through the stages of grief. As far as I know, it's the only way to get over a loss.

If grief persists after the stages, or the stages don't progress within a reasonable time, you might need an intervention.

Stages of grief: [image=http://übler-Ross_model]
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
How long does it take ? Would it make me lose concentration in daily affairs ?
InvaderNice · 22-25, M
@itjustbegan: I tried my best but I don't know the answer to either of those questions. I'm sorry.
Stereoguy · 51-55, M
That depends on the type of loss.
coary987 · M
Everyone take's it different I like to be alone.
Some like people with them
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