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[c=#003BB2][b][center]guys is it???[/center][/b][/c]
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Nov 28, 2016
SW User
Im fine with stealing clothes but I absolutely agree with rest of the points.
Datdudeblack · 31-35, M
just 10 tho lol.
SW User
Can I weigh in...yeah, guys you are never getting your favorite hoodie back. As for the rest of it, girls....KNOCK IT OFF! ;)
Just the take to long thing and drama queen thing.
The oother aren't an issue other than jealousy, not that I have it but it indicates either mistrust orow self esteembor control issues.
And the ex thing doesn't bother me, as long as she don't mind me being friends with my exes.
calicuz · 41-45, M
1: Annoying, but don't hate it. Keep it under an hour. eg: start earlier.
2: Bugs us, but not hate. Keep it to a couple pieces and return before taking more, kinda like the library.
3: Absolutely true.
4: Not hate, we just don't know what to do.
5: Absolutely true, we don't need outside help with our relationships.
6: Absolutely true.
7: Absolutely true.
8: Absolutely true.
9: Absolutely true.
10: Neutral, this comes down to personal preference. Some guys like it, while others don't.
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