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I talked to kim because she was the girl who once told me to buy double your dating

Omg this book sounds really weird, and yeah most likely BS like you say. I don't think anyone has ever commented on any if my pics like that.
Oh well playful btw, I do sorta see it now, eating food lol..oops
Hmm yeah it is not fair, you should definitely have someone love you for you, which means being yourself
2hat is the name of the book?
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<tells her>

I told her that my sentimernts were basically incels neckbeards and fuckboys could get very good at push pull shit and that those guys are men who totally should not have girlfriends at all and yet Marni is marketing the hell out of those tactics... I was like the monsters can use them.

"Oh, well when I struggled with some ex stuff in my twentys, I got a couple "self help" books for how to make or get a guy to love you, I think one was called "why men love bitches" written by a guy, both books, but I dont remember the title of the other, and I was not happy with the books, I tried out some stuff from them but it of course in my opinion felt ridiculous, and looking back at that memory I'm sort of disgusted at that guy writing all those kinds of books, I dont think it helps people be themselves, and it is more like mind games, it all sounded a bit a fake, absolutely manipulative in sorts, and wrong to do for a healthy real relationship
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Monsters, yes, and they seem born with those tactics, I'm of course thinking of ex bfs in their manipulative ways"

and then I was just Like ::sighing:: what does a guy do in most circumstances if unlike me he weren't already in a relationship and was trying to get a girlfriend but he doesn't want to play it like a game and wants to be a serious chad after her?

I'm thinking about sending this !@#$%% an email essentially telling her how I feel about this and be like I don't think your shit works well.
not long term
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Wow, I'm literally yelling at this video, jaime said it best "its basically how to be a douche" and I agree, this is messed up...not cool, and any girl who might fall for this fucked up shit they may be desperate girl or unaware of how a relationship is suppose to work, or into idiots, into toxic fake guys that are willing to lie and mistreat you thinking it keeps you, oh hell no..,this video is not right. 😤

me: and am switching products.
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That last part "I am just looking for some company" legit line, not a lie, honesty, that's what should be shared if the person really does like or find Interest in you

I was like I keep burning bridges to prove to the point that I can survive withouit them so who's the needy one? I just want company.

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