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why do people still get married when 3 out of 4 marriages end in divorce?
36-40, M
39 replies
Oct 31, 2016
SW User
They probably think they will be the exception.
Is the divorce rate that high?
Also is divorce rate different in different demographics of people?
@ZefNinjaa: No. But if 2 people love each other, marriage is just a next step. More of a tradition than anything else and if they have children its preferable for the child to be born within a wedlock. Maybe I am just old fashioned but I see it that way. People should work towards making it work rather than running away at the first hurdle. I do not see any of my close circle ending in divorce.

Should relationships be based on an inevitable death? Then why not just live in isolation if the statistics are so dire?
ZefNinjaa · 36-40, M
@Aidolovemostofyourthoughts: im old fashioned too, but if a tradition no longer serves a purpose then it becomes redundant. The idea behind marriage was to say vows to god. A woman would agree to honour and obey her husband in the eyes of god. Thats the most important part which makes a woman stick with a man through better or worse. Less people are god fearing now, and less women refuse to honour and obey their husband. More women apply for divorce than men. In 2016 what is marriage?
@ZefNinjaa: I don't know about those statistics. But if and when I marry, I have all the intention of making it work.
Goralski · 51-55, M
Wemen nagging guys too
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This message was deleted by its author.
Thegreateast · 26-30, M
I dunno about that number
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ZefNinjaa · 36-40, M
Even if it was a 50/50 chance, would it be worth it? Would you jump out of a plane if only 50% of parachutes worked?
Thegreateast · 26-30, M
I mean... ur comparing death to divorce... that's hardly the same thing.

I don't think people get married thinking about chances either.

It's not like they r playing in a casino... Except for maybe Vegas weddings

Idk... there r a bunch if reasons to get married... I won't do it again, ut I can understand y others want that
False hope
Daddysboi · 18-21, T
You can't get to a fourth marriage until you have the first three that's why.
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Daddysboi · 18-21, T
There needs to be more open relationships. That would solve everything
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Daddysboi · 18-21, T
Well three-quarters of those divorces end up from infidelity. Yeah men cheat a lot but if there was an open relationships they would still come home to their wife every night. I know a lot of people that are in open relationships and they have fantastic marriages
Pfuzylogic · 56-60, M
For the legitimization of children traditionally
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Pfuzylogic · 56-60, M
@Noahkahol: It makes more sense knowing the motivation of your argument.
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cycleman · 56-60, M
They listen to their lawyers more then their own conscience.

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