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Sending flowers to girlfriend or help think of something else
So basically, I just woke up (12 am) from a really sweet text from my girlfriend and it just really made me want to do something for her. She lives two hours away and I do see her on a regular basis and have very romantic encounters already.
I know she likes flowers and has never gotten them before, and I was thinking of sending them to her door (small amount of flowers, nothing overwhelming but simple), the thing is, I have not given her flowers in person yet. Will this ruin the first time I do so in person - which I already have planned out (and she knows I have something planned just doesn't know what) but this isn't until January (one year anniversary). That's the main question, will it ruin her experience of receiving them in person?

I know I am probably thinking too much as I am still half-asleep but I want to do something really simple and unexpected for her, even if flowers is a bad idea, I want to get her something simple. I can't be too spontaneous and drive out there randomly as she is a pretty busy person but I can surprise her with a little something at her door.
We are both adults.

Thanks a bunch!
26-30, M
8 replies
Oct 31, 2016
billstickers · 31-35, M
by her some balls as you are lacking them big time
Originalme · 22-25, F
Don't be rude.
billstickers · 31-35, M
@Originalme: eff off what has it got to do with you
Originalme · 22-25, F
@billstickers: Well, I guess people can't expect good manners from you.
Peaceful · F
Send them, she will be delighted! Trust me. And it won't ruin it when you do it in person, she will love that too! :)
NONtoxic · 26-30, M
Thanks! I will do so!
A girl can never have too many flowers. :-)
AnukBinary · M
Send her flowers at work😁

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