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Is There Still Hope....? UPDATE:
Everything will work out/you'll get back together
There's still hope
Don't count on it
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So here was the original post.....Me and my gf of almost 10 months broke up a week ago. We continued to talk and it felt like we were still dating honestly. She slowly began to distance herself and I talked to her Friday night about getting back together. She told me that she just doesn't wanna date anyone right and just wants to be friends. She texted me later and I didn't really want to talk to her at the time. She got mad and was just saying I keep pushing her away and she can't keep trying to be friends with me anymore. She said she wanted to be friends and then maybe we could try again later in time. I told her that I'm sorry and that I can't go from being her BF to being her friend just like that and that we should spent some time not talking. She got even madder and said that she's blocking my number and blocked it. I talked to my Bestfriend and his gf and they both think I should give her time and that they think she'll come back. I mean what do you think? Is there any hope for us ever getting back together? I'm thinking I should give her time and message her over IG and just tell her that I do wanna be friends with her and start talking to her like a friend again and maybe we could try again after a while. UPDATE: So she texted me earlier tonight and we both apologized for how we acted Friday night. She told me that I'm still her best friend and that I'm really really important in her life and she doesn't want to lose our relationship no matter what we are to each other. I told her that I'm still hoping that everything will work out and that we will get back together and she said that she believes everything will work out, that God didn't put us in each other's life for no reason, and we will probably try again in the future but that she thinks we both need time to ourselves. She said that I can do whatever I want or date whoever I want since and that she'll support me 100% cuz she just wants me to be happy. We both agreed to not talk for a while so we can get our space and that we will talk again near the end of the week to see where we stand and how we should go from there. So what are your opinions on that?
TheTofuMaster · 26-30, M
The feelings will be different the next time, but be careful of "do whatever you want" because it's a trap...
Daniel1120 · 22-25, M
Yeah I'm not planning on sleeping around with other people so I'm not worried about that.
fazer1k · 56-60, M
My best guess is she isn't really sure what she wants yet. She definitely wants to leave the door open so that's positive.
Daniel1120 · 22-25, M
Well yeah she said we'll see how we feel and if we want to try again by the next time we talk. She sounded like she is interested in trying again though.
fazer1k · 56-60, M
@Daniel1120: I hope it works out for you.

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