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Why do we fall in love with people we shouldn’t?
It sucks. It’s like torture for me. The more I try to get rid of those feelings the stronger they get.
22-25, F
6 replies
May 4, 2019
It’s how we learn to choose the right one
LongDistanceRecon636 · 41-45, M
It's "Normal" to have "Hate Feelings" for someone you are "In Love with." Because you most likely either Live with them or your around them ALOT...Everyone has faults....and you will most likely after a while have "Situations." That makes you "Think" you "Hate" them. But that's just Anger. The truth is in...are you still with them? Could you Imagine living without them. 😀
LiMustache · 36-40
Because we are stupid iirational selfish and shallow and narrow minded?
TheunderdogofNY · 31-35, M
Love is love. Enjoy it when you have it and understand when it not there anymore.
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
For the same reason we do other things we shouldn't, like eat too much, waste money on impulse buys, smoke, etc.

Remember: You can't control your feelings, only your actions.
KingGeorge · M
It always happens

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Why do we fall in love with people we shouldn’t? | Dating & Relationships | Similar Worlds