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Is my girlfriend being condescending?
I am confused??? I am a young adult who usually doesn't have trouble getting dates, however I always seem to have a problem with texting women that I am dating. It's hard for me to tell when they're being condescending.
My current girlfriend will send me replays saying things like "Oh, that's nice", "Oh, Okay." She also says "Wow" a lot. I know that usually someone does that to end a conversation, however after doing this she will usually ask me a direct question, which is done to continue conversation. So I asked her one day if she enjoyed texting with me, she told me that if she didn't she wouldn't respond at all.
Why can't women just be straightforward and say what they mean, like men, instead of playing confucius mind games. It's so incredibly frustrating. When ever one of my buddies texts me always know exactly what he means and is talking about.
26-30, M
18 replies
Mar 16, 2019
MournfulMind · 51-55, F Best Answer
It’s just the difference between men and women. She is not being condescending, unless she has a condescending personality. She is trying to provide you with what she considers evidence by explaining herself by posing a question. Socratic reasoning. It’s is less direct than men. Makes you think about the logic so that you can formulate a reasonable understanding of what she considers to be true. A man will say Yes or No. And that’s it. Some people don’t like to type a lot. Some people don’t know how. Sometimes it’s a matter of being busy and not being able to think clearly enough to respond at length.When you converse with her in real life is it fairly easy going or sassy? Or do you struggle to strike up a conversation? What ever she is in real life, use the same spirit in text. With time if her text style still annoys you, then I guess you can avoid texting. I avoid texting my SO but it is because of his busy schedule and he’s ADD a bit. It’s best to let him focus while at work. I do wish it were not so, I’d text him much more.
0ThatGuy0 · 26-30, M
[@8567,Ginnymae] I literally just looked up a video for dummies on Youtube about what socratic reasoning was 😂 Thanks for the answer, now I see. Well she does have more book smarts than me, I have more street smarts from living life.
annie616pop · 18-21, F
[@8567,Ginnymae] you deserved that ribbon, Ginny!! 👍️👍️👏
MournfulMind · 51-55, F
Daisy49 · 46-50, F
BalmyNites · F
Ahhh, well they do say men are from Mars, women are from Venus lol 😄
Dan193 · 26-30
Next time reply with "wtf u want?"
SW User
Not all girls are wishy washy.
SailorMarz · F
Oh, okay

Maybe just text with guys.
annie616pop · 18-21, F
Ohhhh, Grasshoppah!

The mind of a woman is that of a cat who grins before pouncing on the mouse.

The mind of a man is that of a dog who wags his tail when discovering a bone with no meat.

Ponder and accept and thou shall find peace.

And ... with this.... you'll get lucky tonight!

annie616pop · 18-21, F
[@8567,Ginnymae] Yep, sure did! One summer vacation when I was eleven years old I binged watched the TV series "Kung Fu." I had a crusher on Kwai Chang Caine played by David Carradine. When he was perplexed as a boy living in the Shaolin monastery he would get pearls of insight from Master Po and Master Kan. Master Po affectionately called him, "Grasshopper."

I think those corny aphorisms sunk into my subconscious and helped make me the idiot I am today!

MournfulMind · 51-55, F
That’s too cute! If I were you I’d claim it somewhere, even if it’s the local ad sack. Add your name. I think it will get published![@28390,annie616pop]
0ThatGuy0 · 26-30, M
[@28390,annie616pop] 😂😂😂
CountScrofula · 36-40, M
I don't think she even realizes she's fucking with you like this and it may just be her way. Talk to her about it in person (don't be accusatory, just say text can convey tone badly and you get confused) and show her an old text. She can set things straight. But clearly she's still into you. Miscommunication happens.
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