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If I gave u $1000 right now what would you do with it ? 馃

馃檪 It's money. It's a tool. Think about this one right here. If I gave you $1000 right now what would you do with it.
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ValdaineM Best Comment
Give my son a better Christmas.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@573519,Privatehell] Awwwwww.
[@322117,Zonuss] thanks for the BA.

I'd hit the local and get shitfaced
[@322117,Zonuss] drinks are on me tonight baby
Zonuss41-45, M
[@843186,Pulledpork] Are there any pulled pork sandwiches.
[@322117,Zonuss] you can pull my pork all day 馃ぃ
dumpstermeow36-40, F
Pay off the last of my debt. 馃挭馃徎
ragingfire31-35, M
I would give it back to you, I don't take anything I didn't earn.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@429468,ragingfire] That's being selfish. If it's a gift you're supposed to take it. Your good deed is what earned it
ragingfire31-35, M
[@322117,Zonuss] Then I'll give you something back that's worth a 1,000 dollars. That would be my return gift.
SW User
Pay debt
Zonuss41-45, M
[@831999,Allwaysthink] Cool.
Deadcutie13-15, F
Buy 1000 I tunes songs
SW User
Buy a plane ticket and go see a friend
taehyun18-21, F
save it.
Eddiesolds56-60, M
I would send it to a friend.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@438210,Eddiesolds] Nice.
Eddiesolds56-60, M
[@322117,Zonuss] she needs it.she works hard.sorry I'm
blackcar26-30, M
By as much 20x20 square galvanised pipe as possible..
Still4him36-40, F
Living expenses
CdAshley46-50, M
I would donate it to,Give a kid a Xmas.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@503982,CdAshley] It's Christmas.
CdAshley46-50, M
Yes it is. [@322117,Zonuss]
StokedFox36-40, F
Some maintenance around my house
Take my kids on a trip
Put it in my checking account.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@369878,DreamyCrush] Smart.
SW User
Buy grocery store gift cards.
swirlie31-35, F
I would buy a 30-year Strip Bond from the bank. Thirty years from now, I would call you to thank you for your generosity, while apologizing to you at the same time for originally thinking you were a cheap bastard for only giving me $1000.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@332402,swirlie] 馃槅[u][/u]
SW User
Give it to my mum.
Zonuss41-45, M
[@751905,Xiehyue] Sweet.
Dlrannie26-30, F
Give it to a charity supporting people living with MND aka ALS /Lou Gehrigs Disease
Zonuss41-45, M
[@324037,Dlrannie] You're beautiful. 鈽猴笍
deadgerbil22-25, M
save it for a rainy day lol
Zonuss41-45, M
[@761112,deadgerbil] That's a good idea.馃檪
Get that $30 shirt *__* and then buy gifts for my parents lol
Save it to contribute to university fees because i鈥檓 trying out the whole being responsible thing.
Loretta7841-45, F
Paying my debts.
nem1631-35, M
Vacation funds. :)
Riverman56-60, M
Put it in the new car savings envelope. Thanks very much!

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