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He used to make me smile by saying how much he loved my smile. I miss that. Do you have someone special that you miss?
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Sep 9, 2017
ZenWioness · F
I miss sipping a beer with my Dad, and hearing him sing. :(
[@581119,ZenWion] If you ever need someone to talk too feel free to message me. Losing a child is painful.
ZenWioness · F
[@454017,TearDropsOfLove] thank you so much. I appreciate it 🤗
[@581119,ZenWion] 🤗
Heartless · 36-40, M
Of course
MellyMel22 · 36-40, F
[c=#BF0080][i]Yep 😥[/i][/c]
MissDevy · 22-25, F
I do miss someone. He was my best friend and first love in highschool. I miss how we use to be.
[@493284,JustDev] First loves are the best. I still think about mine.
BlueRain · 46-50, FVIP
nicedave · 36-40, M
Yes someone i miss lots
[@3008,nicedave] Oh my, that would hurt. Hugs. Are you ok?
nicedave · 36-40, M
[@454017,TearDropsOfLove] yeah just miss her like mad
[@3008,nicedave] I can imagine that would be painful
I do.
djones · 31-35, M
ex friends. grandparents
ZenWioness · F
[@454017,TearDropsOfLove] I totally agree! It makes me sad that good people can't see how important they are, just as they are.
[@581119,ZenWion] I know. Bad people target the good people and try to bring them down to their level.
ZenWioness · F
[@454017,TearDropsOfLove] it's disgusting. Smh.
SEAfaceOAKbooty · 41-45, F
Yes. 😥 He is over in Afghanistan but still finds the time to say good morning, good night and I love you every day. They don't make men like him everyday. My heart aches for him to come home.
[@582902,WonderWoman] That is a keeper. I hope he gets home to you soon. I wish I could find someone like that.
Adaydreambeliever · 51-55, F
I think many of us have been there.. Hugs for you - I hope you find reasons to smile again.
[@7167,Adaydreambeliever] Thank you. I smile when I think of him. He is no more but his memory will forever live.
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