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Is there a link between being spanked as a child and having a spanking fetish as an adult?

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Not to my knowledge.
SweetMae · 61-69, F
Maybe for some people. I was beaten as a child so no fetish here!
NankerPhelge · 56-60, M
[@10109,SweetMae] You obviously weren't born with such a fetish.
Madgirl · 22-25, F
maybe not as a child but when you were still spanked as a teenager you easily make the connection
It might be for you. I just say, I am not influenced by being abused as kid or teen. I would never spank my kids. Yet I do have the fetish of spanking as consenting adult. As you see by other replies here, there are other who'll have the opposite connection towards spanking as you did. I simply do not think it's a 100% connection between being spanked or not to have this sort of kink that we share.
Madgirl · 22-25, F
[@414209,SapphicHeart] oh no.. its different for everyone i am sure.. just giving you some insight whats "wrong" with me
I don't know if we can say "wrong" about a fetish. We can say wrong about how you were introduced to it. Meh.
Letsbnoty · 61-69, C
I got spanked as a kid and it sure didn't do a thing for me then, and the idea now is no more exciting as it was then. Now if my partner was into it I would probably participate for her pleasure.
C130medic · 51-55, M
I think there is
SW User
nope.. where do any fetish comes from... theres a lot of people with feet fetish how did that stem about.
Lovelivelaugh · 36-40, F
It makes me wonder though, how there are so many people on this site who describe their childhood spankings...whether lies or not. It seems to me to be bothering on incest and abuse
True. But as said, I doubt most of these people to be what they pretend to be.
Lovelivelaugh · 36-40, F
[@414209,SapphicHeart] so why pretend though, they must get some kick out of it.
That's for sure, and the disturbing part. I do hope it if not anything else, can keep it a fantasy to speak it out here. I really hope so, and not worst case scenario. :-/
NankerPhelge · 56-60, M
One is either born with a spanking fetish, or one is born without one. If the fetish is already there, it can be and very often is aroused by being spanked in childhood. If it is not there, it will never be aroused no matter what.
MikeSp · 51-55, M
I think there is a link based on my experience and those I've discussed this with. We all experience different physical sensation growing up, and some stick in our brain. We may not have liked the immediate pain of a spanking as a child, but there are other feelings involved that we may be attracted to. The brain releases certain pleasurable or protective hormones when it feels the body is under attack or is merely touched, and it is possible to want or become addicted to the hormones. One may like the feeling of riding a roller coaster, which explains the need to go out of one's way to drive over a small highly-curved bridge called "thrill hill."
Shade70 · 46-50, M
According to research, no.
Lovelivelaugh · 36-40, F
[@22769,Shade70] do you have a link to the research?
Shade70 · 46-50, M
I will see if I can find it, yes. You got the one line I'm on my way out the door to work answer.
Lovelivelaugh · 36-40, F
[@22769,Shade70] please do :)
beckychandler · 36-40, F
no, the research consistently indicates it is pretty evenly split -- of adults who develop the fetish very slightly more were not spanked . But the more important statistic is that the overwhelming majority of children who are spanked do not develop any fetish -- except the fetish of responsibility.
Lovelivelaugh · 36-40, F
[@477297,beckychandler] do you have a link to the research ?
beckychandler · 36-40, F
[@582476,3dstorm] I do, and wanted to cite it, but could not find it quickly and I am on the run. I will get back and post it -- it is important because I am on a quixotic mission to try and stop or slow down the spanking abolitionists and strangely one of the arguments raised is that it causes this harmless fetish -- which is ironic since most of the permissive parenting ideologues are also liberal on sexual revolution stuff -- and are tolerant and think the fetish just fine. I will get back and post links. You can find this easily by googling --the only problem is that there is obfuscation by those who want to ban parental spanking -- so sometimes you have to do some digging.
beckychandler · 36-40, F
[@582476,3dstorm] Ok – I'm back with a little time :)

The idea that parental spanking causes S & M/spanking fetishes is one of those things that are just taken for granted, primarily because Freud found sexual connotations based on the dreams of sixteen neurotics, and this “insight” was eagerly latched onto by permissive parenting advocates who wish to ban parental and school corporal punishment. Accordingly, the first thing they went after was bare bottom spanking, alleging it caused sexual perversions. This way they got their nose in the tent (quickly expanding the claim to brats with covered rears as well). It was effective in not only marginalizing parental corporal punishment, but making it into something dirty!!!!

It is a very effective argument because it seems like it would be true, but there is no evidence to back it up.

First the correlation problem. At least seventy percent of parents spank, but the number of spankos and other neurosis in the adult population does not anywhere near approach that level –that is why I said the only fetish most ended up with, as adults, was the fetish of responsibility. On this problem with the No-Spank research in general (and if you dig into the wealth of material they have they deal specifically with the claim of causation of sexual fetishes) see the link from my SW story on the warning issued by the [b]American College of Pediatricians[/b] (a pediatric association of some 60,000 pediatricians and pediatric researchers)last January on the most recent No-Spank “research”:

But, looking at those who have the fetish and whether or not they were spanked as children:

In a column in the left-wing journal[i][b] “Counterpunch”[/b][/i] No-Spank sexual therapist [b]Susan Block[/b] writes:

[i]“As a sex therapist, I’ve heard thousands of stories of how being spanked as a child led to an adult spanking fetish, and I have encountered even more individuals who were not spanked as children, but enjoy the erotic rush of child-like feelings they get from being spanked as adults.”[/i][c=#BF0000][/c]

Researcher [b]Jesse Ray[/b], who is an out and proud spanko, writes:

[i]“In the years I was involved in the Spanking Central(s), I had the opportunity to communicate with (At length and multiple times) thousands of spankophiles…. And certainly the question was one almost everyone wanted to talk about.. would say the vast majority came to believe that they were just ‘wired, that way. No evidence of anything to precipitate their interest.”[/i] [c=#BF0000][/c]

The failure of any empirical studies to demonstrate causation or even correlation (and the huge numbers of non-spanked children who grow up with a fetish) led this No-Spank researcher to propose an experiment which might finally prove it: [c=#BF0000][/c] That experiment has not been conducted (I am not qualified to comment on its validity if it was).
AlphaCuckTX · 56-60, M
Would it make a difference if there is?
Lovelivelaugh · 36-40, F
[@304948,AlphaCuckTX] possibly so
domedeus · 46-50, M
no, I think it doesn't exist and surely for me
olderguy2016 · 61-69, M

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