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I Am Interested In Politics

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[b][center][big]Just Curious[/big][/center][/b]
Does anyone believe that tearing down statues will help educate an inner city child trapped in a rotten school, create more economic opportunity or lead to racial tolerance?
26-30, F
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Aug 19, 2017
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therighttothink50 · 51-55, M
It is a very sick world Hussein Obama and his minions are trying to create. A surveillance state where everybody becomes part of a group cult which bows down and worships the technocrats in world government. A place where ideas are banned as well as words.

A world full of willfully ignorant conformity drones where history is either erased or rewritten. The new liberal Dystopia, a feudal system controlled by elite "liberals" where free speech, incentive, liberty and determination become banned. Eventually becoming replaced by false narratives, claiming perpetual victimhood and accepting the "nurturing" care of the watchers in the statist government.

A new world "order" where common sense is replaced by a mindless robotic cult. Where the conformity cult replaces individualism.

We are walking down a very slippery slope where freedom of speech and thought are increasingly becoming scorned upon and eradicated from society. Everything is being contrived for the purpose of enslaving most of humanity. The police state and its puppet liberal media are inventing false narrative after false narrative and shoving it down our throats. Expecting us to eat up this spoon fed propaganda. Those of us who still dare to think critically and use logic are not buying this agitprop.

People in huge numbers have fallen asleep and have lost their sense of judgment. Critical thinking is being replaced by willfull ignorance and selective outrage. Many of us no longer seek or desire truth anymore. We rather exist in a world of illusion and be told how to exist, rather than live freely and think for ourselves.

Society is quickly turning into a dull and vapid existence of illusion. The clock is ticking, the new drone generation is metastisizing right before our very eyes. The mind war is reaching new heights.

Giving into the culture of convenience and conformity is taking its toll on the human soul. Freedom of speech is nearing obsolescence. If we don't fight against the soulless technocrats with fervor, all will be lost soon. The sacrifices paid by past generations will have been thrown away into a trash heap.

We all have a responsibility to learn and teach about our history. History with all its warts is something we can learn about and debate about. Pretending our past never existed or trying to erase parts of our history brings us all backwards. Exercising a right to think like a child, nobody should be proud of.

Buying into this globalist/liberal false narrative in which America is portrayed as some great Satan and that its whole history is racist and evil is just pure ignorance. This is the greatest nation on earth, the framers of the Constitution were geniuses and well ahead of their time. They planted the seeds for freedom for all. The America of today has seen this fruition. We are the most inclusive and tolerant society the earth has ever seen.

Our past is far from perfect, so is the present far from perfect and I am sure the future still holds many challenges for us to overcome. The answer is not found in political correctness. This kind of attitude only festers more hatred and backbiting. We must rexamine our souls and move forward seeking truth. Being completely honest and forthright with ourselves and others.
bhatjc · 41-45, M
If the tore down the statues going thought the channels. I would have no problem with that.
MartinII · 61-69, M
Trying to be calm about this, statues are put up because people at the time think that certain leaders and prominent figures are worth remembering. Therefore, such statues and other remembrances are an important part of history. It's completely irrelevant whether now we think that the people remembered are distinguished or mediocre, good or evil. What matters is that people at the time thought they were worth remembering. It's called history!
questionWeaver · 56-60, M
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I Am Interested In Politics
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