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I Love to Go Barefoot

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Just want to say that it's summer and warm, and it's time to go barefooted! I hate shoes and socks, especially when it's warm like this. If you're thinking about it, just do it. Take off those shoes and socks now, and free your feet! I am happy and proud to be barefooted, and you will be, too!
51-55, M
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Jun 6, 2018
mazza62 · 56-60, M
Yes it's wam here too. It's great not to have to wear slippers in the house.
BarefootedBoy · 51-55, M
[@384260,mazza62] I love being able to go to the park and leave the shoes at home.
barefootnude · 61-69, M
Couldn't agree more! I go barefoot just about everywhere all the time in the summer. Headed out to get my hair cut in a few minutes. My barber is used to me coming in barefoot. 👣
BarefootedBoy · 51-55, M
[@10048,barefootnude] A lot of my friends would be worried if they saw me in shoes outside of work in the summer.
mazza62 · 56-60, M
The climate here is generally cold and wet and windy. We've not had any significant rain here for maybe a month. When it starts its like a monsoon and never lets up.
It's highly likely the monsoon will start up again soon. We were getting night frosts until about two weeks ago.
It feels great to have it warm for 24 hours. It's unusual. It's welcome.
lovemyfeetandtoes · 18-21, F
I’ve missed your posts! Hope you continue to do more! I’ve been running around barefoot almost all the time. My feet keep toughening up and getting dirty and I love it. I absolutely hate shoes and socks too. I don’t wear them unless I seriously have to, and when that time comes. I cannot wait to get them off!
BarefootedBoy · 51-55, M
[@363164,lovemyfeetandtoes] Thank you! Glad to hear you're keeping 'em bare, too! Toes gotta breathe and be free!

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I Love to Go Barefoot
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Just want to say that it's summer and warm, a... | I Love to Go Barefoot | Similar Worlds