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One day you return home to a stranger in your house claiming to be your grandpa. They tell you they're not leaving until you tattoo their name on your forehead. Do you do it? ..keep in mind they have a nail gun and they're not afraid to use it. 馃槸
22-25, F
11 replies
Nov 18, 2016
SW User
I wouldn't. I could get them out.
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
Nah. If it's an old man I'll just take the nail gun from him. Besides, i already know all my grand parents have passed.
Jack405441-45, M
I would urinate on their legs to scare them off.
sassycookie22-25, F
I don't think that'd work hun.
Jack405441-45, M
@sassycookie: If it didn't I would try to hump their legs. Would scare them off for sure.
They can stay as long as I can have them for dinner later. I'm probably gonna be hungry. And I have a penchant for human flesh. :) I won't get a tattoo either. My body is a work of art and it shall not be devalued with graffiti.
They wouldn't get in because of the alarm system
Gallantio41-45, M
Haha consider creative writing
sassycookie22-25, F
I am an English major. 馃槍馃槒
Gallantio41-45, M
i'd say csi major haha
Justmerae51-55, F
Why do you think that Mr.Bojangles is tattooed on my head ?

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