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What do YOU do?
Charge $15 for the written $3 tip?
Charge the written $16 resulting in a $4 tip?
Charge the written $16 resulting in a $4 tip and donate $1 to the cash drawer?
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You're a server, bartender, whatever position where tips are a valuable thing to you. The customer's bill comes to $12 and they tip $3.

But what's this? They wrote the total as $16. They've already left before you could ask them to correct their mistake. So what do you do?
26-30, M
8 replies
Nov 14, 2019
CountScrofula · 36-40, M
I correct it. Establishing a good trusting relationship with customers not only makes the job less shitty, but means it pays dividends down the line.
RedwoodBarman · 26-30, M
[@624254,CountScrofula] As stated, they've already left.
Autonomous · 41-45, F
Yeah you take the lower. If they feel you deserve more, they will come back.
hami1091 · 36-40, F
Correct it there's a thing called karma.
Steve42 · 51-55, M
No matter what they did, I still have to look at myself in the mirror. No matter what moral standard you go by, stealing is wrong.
Reaper8541 · 41-45, M
Honesty in business is rare. I lead by example. And fix the mistake
Penny · 41-45, F
you never know, that one dollar mistake could make them overdraft or something. don't punish them for a math mistake. $3 dollars is already a generous tip for a $12 dollar bill
Dragon56 · 61-69, M
You run the card for $15 ($12 + $3 tip) as that’s what was specified....had there been no tip amount listed and the total listed as $16, I think you would have better justification for presuming a $4 tip.
It’s simply the right thing to do.
Here the intent to give a $3 tip was stated, so you would run the lower amount of $15 rather than the higher amount....why cheat a person out of a dollar for an error that you caught. I have worked as a server, and my self-respect was never more important than a little more money (even though I was working the job for the money).

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