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I Believe In Intelligent Design

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People need to start looking at intelligent design as a possibility, and a probable one. It does not disprove the theory of evolution and in fact offers a possible explanation for how evolution started.
(I personally do not believe in evolution, but for the purposes of this post I will treat it as though it is factual because it poses no threat to theism or intelligent design).
Supposing that evolution happened, it only makes sense to ask how it came about. This leaves us with two possibilities: either it happened by chance, or it happened designedly.
The probabilities of that happening by chance are next to zero. Richard Dawkins himself concedes that the chances of life arising on earth are very slim, but he argues that a designer/God is more improbable than evolution happening by chance. In "The God Delusion" he argues: "However statistically improbable the entity you seek to explain by invoking a designer, the designer himself has got to be at least as improbable. ...The whole argument turns on the familiar question 'Who made God?'... A designer God cannot be used to explain organized complexity because any God capable of designing anything would have to be complex enough to demand the same kind of explanation in his own right. God presents an infinite regress from which he cannot help us to escape. This argument... demonstrates that God, though not technically disprovable, is very improbable indeed."
Dawkins is right in saying that evolution beginning by chance is statistically improbable. In treating it as improbable he treats it as a one-time event because he argues that natural selection is nothing like random chance once it has started. He argues that if there were a designer, the designer came from somewhere and this would lead to an infinite regress problem of one designer coming from another. Thus the probabilities of this infinite regress happening are slimmer than the probabilities of natural selection and evolution happening by chance.
But why should the designer/God have to be designed? Or if there is any amount of regress, why must this regress be infinite? Is it statistically improbable to propose that the designer/God either was not designed (i.e. always existed) or at least was designed by some other designer/God that was not designed?
The assumption that evolution/natural selection happened by chance results in an infinite regress of chance happenings that somehow produced an ordered result. Which is more probable? That there is an intelligent designer who always existed (i.e. an infinite being) who designed evolution? Or that there is an infinite regress of chance happenings that caused evolution?
The idea of an infinite being existing always and designing evolution is more probable to me than evolution happening by chance. Thus I believe in a designer.
22-25, F
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Yes.. I believe in intelligent design too.

And they are stupid to ask from where God came.

In my idea. The G arose spontaneously from nothing.

In my mind,G is both everything and nothing. 
The G we know is the dual of nothing.
If there was nothing,why shouldn't there have been something?
Because something is better than nothing and so the G arose.

They say matter cannot be created. 

I say that the laws make it so that matter cannot be created. 

Before G, there were no laws.

Thus the G could come about spontaneously.

When? Oh an infinity ago,
So You are right in assuming that G always existed.

Also the laws of this universe need not apply elsewhere,

Scientists have recently found out that this is not the first universe.

There were many others, before it.

They also give attention to the many universes hypothesis.

If that is true.

If there are INFINITE universes,

Then there may as well be A G.
Chaos theory says that there is underlying order to seemingly random events

Well my dear scientist. An underlying order itself leads and points me to higher existence and Cause.

How can laws make themselves? It's not possible.
Someone has to have made the laws.
There is a problem of defining God.
Well.. A concept such as G will always have trouble defining.
Two contradictory ideas may come up and they both may be true.
A G if existing would need a library the size of 10 universes to even begin defining.

but we can keep guessing.
I guess and respect each other's idea and love each other.
We are all part of one story isn't it.
darkanddesolate · 22-25, F
If the G arose an infinity ago, how could there be a "before the G"? Or does the G continuously always exist in spontaneously coming from nothing?
There is nothing before God. He was always there.
darkanddesolate · 22-25, F
Yes, I agree. And actually I just deleted this experience because I shared the text of it with someone who I don't want to find me on here so I wonder if the comments will still work.
I love your way of debate. :)
I do the same.
spiritualists need to unite.
For individual growth yes.

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I Believe In Intelligent Design
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