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I Have Been In The Back Of A Police Car

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I was in France and I had to take this bus out to a smaller town where I was staying for a week.

Unfortunately, this was an area where bus stop signs are non-existent so you [u]really[/u] have to know exactly where you're getting off. Even more unfortunately, it was pitch dark outside.

So, I didn't realize that I had missed my stop until I saw the sign that said [b]"You are now leaving XXX. Thank you for visiting."[/b] I panicked and fortunately the driver let me out. I google mapped it and I was only an hour walking distance away from my hotel. So I grabbed my suitcase and started walking.

After about 45 minutes I reached the edge of the houses and "civilisation," and hit a single, sidewalk-less road. On either side of the road, there were two wooded campground areas and the road itself winded, disappearing into the trees.

But google maps said that it was the only way to my hotel so oh well.
And then my phone died and I was all alone in the dark.

And then, with 15 minutes of walking to go, this car came up to me, in the dark woods.
It was a cop car. It was a really cute, electric-looking cop car because hey, this is Europe.
Except I'm from North America where cop cars =/= good news.

The cops inside took one look at me and were like, [b]"Have you been drinking?"[/b] And I was like, [b]"No, I'm lost."[/b] But they looked unconvinced so I motioned to my suitcase, like, [b]"I'm trying to get to my hotel."[/b] And then they were like [b]"Oh, okay. We'll give you a lift then. No problem."[/b]

As we drove to my hotel, the French cops told that the road was [u]famous for accidents and people dying[/u], even during the day, because it was hard to see around the turns and there were a lot of tourists who didn't know the area well.

Technically, I guess I rode in the front of the police car but that was because there was an actual drunk guy in the back who was [u]practically hallucinating unicorns[/u], he was so wasted.
22-25, F
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Nov 19, 2016
Edited: 3 yrs ago
MenzernaSF4000 · 31-35, M
I once took lift from police. We were 7 of us and I was actually in back of a police car. Haha We were packed, on the another cop car stopped our car and asked the cops if everything was ok? Haha fun times.
MenzernaSF4000 · 31-35, M
Hahahahahahahahhaa dude this was years ago when I was college kid.
AwakeAndDreaming · 22-25, F
@MenzernaSF4000: I was 19 so two years for me
MenzernaSF4000 · 31-35, M
@AwakeAndDreaming: come to think of it, I too was 19 when did happen. Lol

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I Have Been In The Back Of A Police Car
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I was in France and I had to take this bus out to ... | I Have Been In The Back Of A Police Car | Similar Worlds