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I Have Social Anxiety

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Omg ! I get so annoyed with myself when ppl ask me to hang out I’m like yeah but then i shut down and end up not going because i get anxiety and i get all shy and nervous and I’m tired of it . Wish i wasn’t so closed off and scary
22-25, F
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Mar 16, 2019
ChiRho · 22-25, M
It’s natural. Being confident when you socialize takes practice for most but i’ve learned that a huge majority of people are shy and nervous too when it comes to being around others. Sometimes it’s better to just hang out with one or two people and not a group, makes it feel like less of a chore to trying to talk when everyone is constantly throwing their 2 cents lol
SoFine · 41-45, F
Fear of rejection is a big one, fear of criticism is another.

Then find healthy ways to build up, your worth of self. It's a life job for you, your worth, what you are worth, comes from you and only you.

Remember we are mirrors of each other, what you fear, your fellow human fears as well. To be shy is normal, till you are at-home-in-you. Get into hobbies that you can share with others, if you can share aspects of yourself, then your interests are an avenue to discuss.

You validate you
You complete you

So what if you stumble on words, or what to say. Have a joke or an interesting fact to share.

Have fun, it's not as scary as you think.
PrettyGyal23 · 22-25, F
Thank you ! [@105402,SoFine]
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I Have Social Anxiety
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Updated: 6 days ago
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Omg ! I get so annoyed with myself when ppl ask me... | I Have Social Anxiety | Similar Worlds