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Ordinary Americans overwhelmingly prefer Republicans over Democrats. How else do you explain election results like these?
26-30, M
20 replies
Feb 5, 2018
EatingCereal · 18-21, M
Doesn't look like normal America to me
KingofPizzaonBreak · 31-35, M
[@411766,USAalltheway] I'm not a liberal, I'm a royalist. This democracy fad has just about run its course.
USAalltheway · 26-30, M
[@102667,KingofPizzaBLOCKCHAIN] So in other words you're a liberal.
KingofPizzaonBreak · 31-35, M
[@411766,USAalltheway] America was great when it was a colony! Put these peasants in their place!
crossswordcrusader · 26-30, M
You do cities have more population
SW User
[@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout] that was the last election?
USAalltheway · 26-30, M
[@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout] And yet the liberals still won't admit that Trump won the popular vote.
Abstraction · 56-60, M
(North Carolina = ordinary americans?)
How do you explain the history of both democrat and republican governments over decades?
You write it off with one picture from one state?
EatingCereal · 18-21, M
[@608929,Abstraction] North Carolina and Penn state suddenly are Murica's norm
Virgo79 · 56-60, M
I thought there was more states🙄
What was I thinkin!
GeniUs · 51-55, M
One state.
A year the election wasn't held.
Data source?
Define ordinary American.
That should give you something to think about.
USAalltheway · 26-30, M
[@45325,GeniUs] You're talking like an ivory league liberal.
GeniUs · 51-55, M
[@411766,USAalltheway] hmm 4 points off the top of my head and you've addressed none of them, that can't be right? Oh no it is, you've just gone down the road of insults, now I can trade insults with the best but I've decided to not waste my time today, suffice to say there is no point in the OP.
USAalltheway · 26-30, M
[@45325,GeniUs] So if you don't agree with someone there's automatically no point in them? I guess liberals aren't so tolerant after all.
questionWeaver · 56-60, M
Very good points ... statistical math backs up your claim with a very high correlation
rckt148 · 56-60, M
when you get enough votes to take the state in the Electoral Collage ,
the state is considered won by that candidate ,
the Popular vote (Actual Votes ) does not paint states that way
If all votes had to be counted ,and no victor announced until they were ,
and a way was found to stop fraud and the chaff and dimples count too
I know of 2 elections that the outcome may have not been the same .
But like him or not Donald J Trump is our president
only fools would want him to fail now ,
or we can expect another 4 or 8 yrs of gridlock ,nothing getting done
and the actual debt we pass on to our kids will keep growing ,
And our economy does not effect only the USA and we do need other countries in spite of all the BS and they need us ,,,other countries have bailed the USA out too
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