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The best thing about tax cuts is that they always pay for themselves, because the less you tax people, the more money they make.
26-30, M
47 replies
Sep 27, 2017
unknownpoetx · 31-35, M
except that's trickle down economics that don't work like that. in fact it has the opposite effect. do you know what a rich person will do to his factory in china that is making products to sell in usa when he gets tax cuts? nothing.
unknownpoetx · 31-35, M
@USAalltheway have you read adam smith books or not?
USAalltheway · 26-30, M
[@1059,unknownpoetx] You can't learn about capitalism from a book. It takes common sense and real-world experience.
unknownpoetx · 31-35, M
@USAalltheway have you read adam smith books or not?
then they invest more and employ more ppl.. its pretty simple economics really..
USAalltheway · 26-30, M
[@1059,unknownpoetx] Fake news
unknownpoetx · 31-35, M
[@411766,USAalltheway] it's not fake. ivanka said it was cheaper in china.
USAalltheway · 26-30, M
[@1059,unknownpoetx] Fake news
Noahkahol · 61-69, M
When Federal Income taxes are cut discretionary income increases and along with that increased state and county sales tax revenues.

That's the reason why people driving city busses which have never been efficient or profitable are earning as much as and often more than policemen and school teachers. Not that they are suffering, when their 40 week a year with 20 and a pension pays more than a skilled factory job. And off all these non skilled occupations a college degree is required to work those jobs.

It's not surprising that doctors and nurses are in short supply considering that teaching in those professions pays less than they make in the private sector. And that even though there's no shortage of lawyers the amount of litigation from the deep pockets of insurance companies is a burgeoning business.

There's a lot wrong. Not just taxes. And if we don't do something about it soon in the west we'll be watching the emergent ones tail lights pulling away from us as they learn all our mistakes we refuse to address.

*steps off soap box*
Noahkahol · 61-69, M
The reason they're talking about lowering the tax rate for corporations is to try to lure them back to the united states since the supposed reason they moved their home offices off shore was because the tax rates are lower somewhere else.

I don't think that's the entire story. It's as much about what the officers of corporations can get away with in other countries that they can't get away with here.

In some countries their governments are so strict that a company can be confiscated by the government for certain unlawful business practices. Their tax rates are high too but you don't see them running off to many of the places companies like Apple go set up shop.

Here in the US when Apple violates US business policy the fake news with their hands in the cookie jar keep their mouth shut. The government has their hands out for campaign money, alphabet soup agencies find sweet appointments after they get booted from office in a change of administration.

The news lets you know that the coal industry is still having problems but they don't tell you that Obama and co. used our tax dollars to fund the hell out of natural gas updates for power plants and signed off on allowing "foreign drillers" drilling in more natural gas wells to sell us back our own energy to companies that won't be paying US corporate tax.

That swamp in Washington. Then people act so surprised when they are confused about why they don't like their choices in an election.

It's right in front of your face. The people on the television are lulling you all asleep while they break it off in your ass.
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