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Why did Id software release the Quake sourcecode, but now sell the compiled game?
SW User
8 replies
Oct 30, 2016
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reubles36-40, M
i don't know... which reminds me, i should reinstall and tweak my copy of quake lol... usually just texture packs and i manually change the soundtrack to something to more my liking
SW User
Did you hear about the No Man's Sky mod for Doom?
It even has Multiplayer!
reubles36-40, M
yes, lol, it brings me back to high school when me and my friends would mod the shit out of doom through dosshell.
SW User
The only I thing I modded in high school were the faces of my enemies 馃槇
reubles36-40, M
doom was really easy to mod, you didn't even need to know any programming, all you needed to know was how to switch out image files and change weapon values lol
SW User
That's boring.
I once made a Kerbal Space Program mod, that makes the sun a supermassive black hole. It permanently broke the game...

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