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I Think More People Should Think Before They Speak

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I really hope everyone reads this and thinks more about what they say to others about their appearance.
I work two jobs, one being in a gym for a daycare centre which I lead. I am 31, bags of experience, worked there for 9 years and have a good reputation. Yet I
deal constantly with parents thinking I am 17/18 and even then being told 'At a push as you look and seem SO young.' I am meant to feel happy with being told
I look and seem like a child despite being highly competent in doing this work, day in, day out. Guess what? Although people will think it is a compliment, it isn't. It is a very sensitive topic for me and causes a lot of anxiety and awkward situations. Everyone has an area of concern about their bodies. For a lot of people I encounter, it is their weight. But for others, it could be their height or in my case, looking very young. I have had mothers come in who have been deeply upset at a comment made about their weight by someone at the gym. I don't know if it is just the environment I work in but I can't see how it is ever ok to comment on the way someone's body or face looks unless it is a direct compliment.
We never know what people are sensitive about so err on the side of caution always, please. That woman who looks SO young has probably been told it day in, day out, not ever taken seriously and has to encounter countless awkward situations which most others their age don't think about. Please don't tell them, they are lucky to look so young. Yes, you don't mean to cause offence but trust me, we do not need to hear anymore comments about how young we look. We know. We get told constantly. Over and over again and in my case, feel like the circus freakshow.
For people who think I sound crazy, please think about the various situations I encounter both in my profession and outside of it and then tell me how lucky I am.
Women need to support each other more and realise that we all have insecurities. Yes, I am small, thin and look 17 but am I happy with how I look? Am I hell. I just spent the last hour in tears over the latest comment. Every woman has insecurities and a 'compliment' to you could really hurt them so please just think before you speak.
31-35, F
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Nov 18, 2016
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
and not only that but FORMAT!
Jenni855 · 31-35, F

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I Think More People Should Think Before They Speak
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I really hope everyone reads this and thinks more ... | I Think More People Should Think Before They Speak | Similar Worlds