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I Like Intelligent Conversation

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Can't we talk about stuff that matters? I know small talk is necessary to find a decent subject to go off of.. but it annoys me. Especially when the other person uses it to get you to pull all the weight in the conversation.
I want to talk about interesting things. I want to ask people why they believe the things they believe, and ask what their perception is on why people do the things they do.
You don't have to be "educated" to have these conversations.. just willing to think and question things. Those are the conversations I love to have. I love to play devil's advocate to provoke thought and dig deeper into a topic, and love when others do the same to me (without being rude of course).
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blackcar · 26-30, M
No I like boring and pointless convos
SW User
Whilst I agree, some use the light hearted, whimsical and stupid as a little stress relief, from what is probably a very shitty personal situation. I'll admit ill watch a kids cartoon show over the news about some awful stuff in Syria.
[@702511,Azificair] oh no doubt. I love being silly too, though not for the reason you mentioned. Life can't be all doom and gloom and serious stuff all the time, I just enjoy being playful. But small talk and silly back and forth don't keep me engaged in a conversation.. I want to know the person I'm talking to and learn sonething from them. That's why I want to play devil's advocate. It challenges me and them and creates more opportunity to learn something.
The only show I really watch is Adventure Time (kid's cartoon) lol.
I don't watch the news. Certainly don't want to talk about that sort of depressing stuff. Seems like more hype than anything now.
Insomniac42 · 18-21
Ask me something thought provocating
[@15361,goldengloves42] fake news is a big deal right now.. reporters don't have to be trained in anything besides writing to put something on the news and they aren't fact checked by anyone but the public. One country has tried to push a law to imprison those who report on fake news but who would decide whst is fake news and what is not? Since it's written into law I would assume it woukd be some part of rhe government but then they could simply imprison someone for writing something they didn't like (i.e if you live in a very pro trump area and report on "claims" of wrong doing by Trump. No evidence for it, so it could be easily rwisted to be fake news, and then that person would be thrown in jail). It's very tricky. Plus in the USA we have freedom of speech. So how would we enforce any laws against fake news to stop the crap going on? What do you think we should do?
Eh I'm not much for politics or that stupid crap but I thought it was an interesting problem.
Insomniac42 · 18-21
[@330879,boklenholley7] encourage more transparency in terms of WHO are the people reporting the news. Not just the names but their backgrounds as well. Putting limits on things that are subjectively deemed “fake news” is dangerous and extremely Orwellian. What I’d like to see are children or those who attend school to be educated on how to look at news as objectively as possible, meaning not only looking at both sides of an issue but also having the initiative to do their research on the biases news reporters may personally have. Furthermore, cable is a dying platform and eventually news will be something that’s going to transition online. This could open up platforms for more independent media entities to possiblely compete with the likes of Fox News or msnbc. However, considering that 6 companies own 96% of media in America, that’s pretty unlikely. I think with the help of citizens pushing for more objective news, hopefully these companies will hire individuals with objective research and dialect instead of biased mindsets. However I have my doubts and don’t see “fake news” going away any time soon
[@15361,goldengloves42] wow. That's a really good idea.. Educating children on fake news. Hadn't thought of that one, but unfortunately the schools I went to were highly republican and highly Christian. Even our government class was explained in favor of republicans and not looking at both sides of the issues. Christianity was present in eveeything from english to hustory to music class (we sand God bless america more than any other song in music class. Up until high school I thought it was the national anthem -_-). So I'd wonder how the "education" would play out in schools like mine.
I don't know how to get around the fake news issue. I considered requiring education for reporters but that would drive up how much they would demand to make (to pay off school loans and such). Then there's also what you pointed out in that cable is going out and most news will be consumed through online means anyways. Anyone can write a blog or online article. It doesn't seem feasible to require some sort of further education to write articles or post videos online.
So I agree, I don't see fake news going away anytime soon.
jaymic64 · M
Sounds perfect

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