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I Am Having a Bad Day

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How do you deal with a bad day?
18-21, F
7 replies
Dec 27, 2016
walabby · 61-69, M
Ignore it!
thelez69 · 22-25, M
I'm big on music, it always improves my mood
aztecwolf · 18-21, M
I do things that I love to do and when I'm done the day isn't bad anymore.
Rutterman · 41-45, M
Just keep on doing what I have to do and hope the next day is a better one.
NightGalleries · 22-25, M
Coffee and good music helps.
MrBubble · M
what he said.
SW User
Ignore it..Try to look at the good part
Count your blessings
Breathing or yoga this helps allot tbh
And but you still have a smile to give,so give it 🙂
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I Am Having a Bad Day
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