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[c=#4C0073]New drawings 馃槉 I鈥檓 still working at it. [image=]

[image=] [/c]
31-35, F
51 replies
Apr 13, 2019
Nice work
VioletRayne31-35, F
[@3096,BigbangFACTS] [c=#4C0073]Thank you 馃[/c]
Mochi22-25, F
Those are really good. 馃槉
VioletRayne31-35, F
[@479248,Foxes] [c=#4C0073]Thanks 馃槉[/c]
silentkillx222-25, F
ur seirously really good idk why u said u couldnt draw before 馃槶
VioletRayne31-35, F
[@401672,silentkillx2] [c=#4C0073]Thats good to know. I feel like I鈥檓 so far behind, but I鈥檓 excited about the possibilities [/c]
silentkillx222-25, F
[@26739,VioletRayne] im excited for u 馃槉 just dont give up youll get a lot better with time trust
VioletRayne31-35, F
[@401672,silentkillx2] [c=#4C0073]Thanks. I wont馃[/c]
hyg34636-40, M
Nice :)
VioletRayne31-35, F
[@663504,hyg346] [c=#4C0073]thanks 馃馃槝馃槏[/c]
hyg34636-40, M
[@26739,VioletRayne] you're very welcome! 馃:*
Those are very good. I love the style of them.
VioletRayne31-35, F
[@7789,Elandra77] [c=#4C0073]Thanks so much. [/c]
VioletRayne31-35, F
[@813091,FriesAndSundae] [c=#4C0073]lol thanks I forgot to tag her. Hope you like it Dewmsie馃槉[/c]
shaelan36-40, M
Wow, didn't know of your artistic side. Looks like a super start.
shaelan36-40, M
That's very cool. Hope you'll keep it up especially as you've always wanted to. [@26739,VioletRayne]
VioletRayne31-35, F
[@497118,shaelan] [c=#4C0073]I plan to. I think I鈥檒l retire somewhere with a gorgeous view and paint a new perspective everyday. At least that鈥檚 my dream retirement lol[/c]
shaelan36-40, M
That's a great dream and you can make it real, for sure! [@26739,VioletRayne]
CountScrofula36-40, M
Great stuff! Hard work pays off.
VioletRayne31-35, F
[@624254,CountScrofula] [c=#4C0073]thank you so much 馃[/c]
Rutterman41-45, M
I'm liking these. You did a fine job.
VioletRayne31-35, F
[@121363,Rutterman] [c=#4C0073]thanks 馃[/c]
Rutterman41-45, M
[@26739,VioletRayne] You're welcome. Thanks for sharing. 馃
Aw 馃槉
VioletRayne31-35, F
[@526701,Stark] [c=#4C0073]Thanks 馃[/c]

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New drawings 馃槉 I鈥檓 still working at it. | I Draw Stuff | Similar Worlds