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I Am Being Haunted
I can't stop thinking about (my brother) Brody, I have heard his voice, I dream about him. My MIL tries to say it is because I am pregnant and weird things happen when we are pregnant and it means nothing. ( I don't take much stake into what she says because she insists I am having a boy, and expanding their family lineage whereas I am really hoping for a girl but according to her that swinging ring does not lie) I keep replaying those videos they played in the courtroom in my head. 馃槩

When I fell the other night going out the garage back into the kitchen, I heard his voice asking if I were okay. Sometimes I don't think I've been okay since the morning I got the call asking if I wanted to say [i]goodbye[/i] before they took the life support off, going on nine years ago this coming January.

Pregnancy causing a fake haunting or the freaks on parade on that damn forum. Who knows. I don't believe in hauntings really. I do believe in Brody, and I had almost forgotten the sound his voice until recently.
Imherefkrawhile41-45, M
GJOFJ361-69, M
I like to think of it as memories encouraging you to live life to its fullest as a tribute to him
hami109136-40, F
Grief is a long process, maybe having a child is triggering something in you. stay strong.
hami109136-40, F
Thank you.
Lol "weird things" dont happen when youre pregnant. Its for real

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I Am Being Haunted
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