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Aidolovemostofyourthoughts · F Best Comment
They're mad because its not a hunk hitting on them.
And this calls attention for them, like loookkk.. I'm being hit on, I am someone hitworthy... blah blah and more blah.

Because girls just wanna have some fun
[c=#BF0080]Ikr.. 🙄[/c]
Possibility · 26-30, F
Because public forum and private is different.
I talk about my depression publicly but I hate discussing it privately. Same, same.
curiosi · 56-60, F
Attention seeking, first when they act like hoes and then again they get to be offended when what they did get's the results they wanted.
SW User
@QueenOfQuirk: Slayyy hunty!
What's a hunty
SW User
@QueenOfQuirk: 👀
Aperson · M
Oh wait
They are free to post whatever they want. Abusing them is the pervs fault.
SandInMyShoes · 36-40, F
Like that one just now who was complaining about getting weirdo messages, when her name was something about her panties and all her stories were about wedgies?

Attention seeking?
[c=#BF0080]LOL.. I saw that post but I think she deleted it.[/c]
SandInMyShoes · 36-40, F
@PinkRainbowBliss: She did, I don't think she got the responses she was fishing for. 😂
NineLives · 36-40, F
Is someone mad? Do you mean that panty girl?
I don't think she was angry, just making an observation. Well I can tell you as a woman it isn't easy here on SW, just like it wasn't on EP.
Guys don't really know what we have to put up with. You don't even have to post "weird shit" and your inbox is bombarded with dick pics.
I LOVE talking about sex and all this weird shit that you are referencing, but I've been married for 17 years. I don't need cyber sex or sexting or whatever you call it these days, yet I get solicited daily.
It is like saying that woman is wearing a short skirt, she MUST want sex. No, we are all adults (or most of us anyway). We should be able to rationally discuss adult subjects without everyone turning into animals.
My opinion anyway.
theMeggyD · 18-21, F
because they haven't found the block button yet
bamaboylick · 56-60, M
No doubt, I always think the same thing
taintedprincess · 41-45, F
Why do people judge others based on a few posts and comments?
SW User
Because people are judgemental. No matter what you do, someone will scrutinize and criticize you. So if you're into nasty shit, well...
Oh the pain! the pain of contradictions!

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