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How does one become a moderator on this site?
61-69, M
8 replies
Feb 14, 2020
Take the PC, dull and normal test.
JavaJoe · 46-50, M
Hit the report flag. Bam!!!! You’re a moderator
DeWayfarer · 56-60, M
Ask [@2,Nuno]! I am pretty certain there are some qualifications though. Like past experience being a moderator.

Could show you why but it's a pain to refind those links again.
thanamesnyaa · 18-21, F
Good question
Bewilderbeeste · 61-69, M
[@7514,thanamesnyaa] I know, that's why I'm asking it.
You have to first take the SW Police test. You know...the one people take to bitch at others because they misspelled a word. Then you have to show that you do not approve of making love, flirting, being openly sexual or affectionate in any way.....because that is bad and should be banned. Then you must show that in the case of a dispute you will ALWAYS take the side of the one that is the most irrational and stupid. The list goes on but that is the 3 most important job requirements.
Bewilderbeeste · 61-69, M
[@539720,anythingoes477] Were you on Answerbag under another name?
[@533322,Bewilderbeeste] Nope.

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How does one become a moderator on this site? | Similar Worlds | Similar Worlds