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So if account verification became mandatory on here, what would you do?

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Trevo · 22-25, M
Verify my account...Or leave depends ony humour
labsrock · M
I would leave
Fuck this shit. I'm out.
Caprice · 36-40, F
[@786576,ManThatsWhorey] this
Xuan12 · 31-35, M
Neuroticnelly · 36-40, F
📤 pack my bags regretfully. 😢 i will not post pictures online for anyone.
abe182 · 46-50, M
Stay and verify.
Gangstress · 36-40, F
Leave. Anonymity from these bunch of bellends is all i have
I have verified my account with my personal email address.
Fungirlmmm · 46-50, F
It would depend on the verification process.
Dlrannie · 26-30, F
[@647906,JennyJam] Aww ok you are another reason but annie has been friend and favourite for 6 years
JennyJam · 31-35, F
[@4176,Lazarus] I’ll forgive you 🚤
[@647906,JennyJam] Yay thanks 🤗
indyjoe · 51-55, M
If it were to become mandatory, then I guess I'd make my exit. I joined because it is supposed to be anonymous here. and to change that would be a kind of betrayal.
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
[image deleted]
No problem
Yeah but where is today’s date? 😟 [@6578,HoraceGreenley]
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
[@14748,Puffieke] OK. If I can find a newspaper, I'll take another picture.
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
In a word? Leave.
RubySoo · 51-55, F
Id leave if they insist on pics
I’d probably go tbh
Lullaby · 41-45, F
If they made me post my picture publicly I'd leave that's stupid for an anonymous website to enforce. This isn't Facebook
And even Facebook doesn’t do that. [@764244,Alienmindlink]
Cross34 · 36-40, M
It'd leave. The site is meant to be anonymous. If that changes it will be no different than any other social media. Anymous posts are more about the ideas than the person behind the aaccount.
What does it consist of ?
SW User
[@330935,Underconstruction] Posting two photos of yourself. One is private, and one is public for all of SW to see.
AlmostAnAngel · 100+, F
pentacorn · F
i feel like our accounts are verified via email address. part of the appeal of this place is that you can share your image with only individuals with whom you choose to share, or not at all.
i think, eventually, they will make it mandatory, so i am prepared to leave when that happens.
SW User
it won't be mandatory
SW User
[@688711,goneguy] Sure hope not...
BlueRain · 46-50, F
You can’t beat them, join them
Magenta · F
Verify, as long as I could make my photo semi private.
Muskie78 · 61-69, M
I’m gone
SW User
[@659605,Muskie78] Me too...

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