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I'm Affectionate

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Real men don't hunt rabbits they hunt prostitutes
18-21, C
18 replies
Nov 22, 2016
No, they don't hunt them, either. They respect women more than to use them like kleenex.
DrunkSoldiers · 18-21, C
@bijouxbroussard: Wait so you're saying it's not wrong to hunt prostitutes?
@DrunkSoldiers: I think it is, personally. Using someone as a commodity is dishonorable. Has nothing to do being a "real man" by any definition.
Thanos · 26-30, M
Well hunting doesn't make you a real man :| it makes you a killer
What made you this edgy?
Thanos · 26-30, M
Rejection i guess
DrunkSoldiers · 18-21, C
"I'm offended but I don't want to show I am so I'll just call you edgy"
Lol I couldn't care less about a random post on the internet
SW User
This doesn't make you affectionate.
It could possibly make you a psychopath.
Anyone who thinks hunting of another person is a sport, and a sport of affection, needs to get themselves checked.
@DrunkSoldiers: I'm sure you need to go to a doctor of the mind and get some help.
DrunkSoldiers · 18-21, C
@Aidolovemostofyourthoughts: Hey at least I don't fantasize over Ted Bundy
@DrunkSoldiers: That doesn't give you the sanity licence.

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I'm Affectionate
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