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I have said that "I hate people" when maybe I hate how IMMATURE Humanity appears to be...

Propaganda, fake news and manipulation of the populace by the media
Injustice overall
Child abuse
Sex slave trade
Lack of Education for all
Inequality between the sexes (M-F)
Economic inequality
Racial injustice
Infringement upon our rights as citizens and humans
Legal injustice: the courts and policing that do illegal and unjust acts and decisions
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[b]POLL question: [/b]
Choose ONE of the most HATED crimes to Humanity that YOU might choose to fight against to make Humanity better...(choose up to 3 and add your own in the comments; ABOVE)

When I say I HATE people, I mean "People" in general. All over the world. Really.

Why are we dealing with such immature, hoards of mindless, subjects
(I've often said that we are all pretty DULL WITTED, and I still believe that,
even more in the past 12 years)who are carried by every whim and fancy and filled with anger and "righteous judgement" and feel that "they are right and everyone else is wrong".
Useful idiots. It saddens me more than infuriates me, and I say "I hate people"
as I have seen many in this world ACT toward others.

I hate judgment and inflicting of harm even when they think it is justifiable.

I hate the waste of good intellect by[b] LACK OF EDUCATION [/b]
and the use of a population to serve the Elite with propaganda
and their "take over the world" agenda.
(You don't have to believe this but research for yourself)

I hate injustice and hatred toward any people because they are "different".
I hate the HYPOCRISY that those, some, not all, I am generalizing here...
[b]I HATE those who fight for causes all around the world
but refuse to deal with what is happening in their backyard. [/b]

They [b]fight AGAINST [/b]2nd Amendment and[b] OTHER'S rights [/b]to bear arms,
religious rights
and anyone who happens to be [u]white, straight and Conservative [/u]
and they [b]FIGHT FOR the murder[/b] of children in abortion,
[b]hatred[/b] of those who are not like them; not their skin color
and accusing others of what they themselves are doing, it is called projection.
It is a psychological term that means: The term is most commonly used to describe defensive projection—attributing one’s own unacceptable urges to another. For example, if someone continuously bullies and ridicules a peer about his insecurities, the bully might be projecting his own struggle with self-esteem onto the other person.

[b]Maybe I don't HATE people as much as I HATE what they do to others and themselves.[/b]
Agree with you for the most part. I think the only area of contention is that I am very militantly pro-choice. I had a craving for credibility as far as my feminist activism and it seemed like one area to easily rack up quite a bit of it.
but honestly it's what I believe. I am horrified by what things were like before roe vs wade because I know when we deny women options they do horrifying things. I think if we want to prevent abortions we should help EXPAND options not take them away. my advocacy about women's rights has been pretty consistent: Give women more options, stop taking them away.
[@10406,BetweenKittensandRiots] Good points; thanks for commenting.
I honor your heartfelt viewpoint and stance.

I would like to see more consistency overall, in more people,
for example, fighting FOR women's rights and the right to choose, pro choice...
are you also FOR other's rights to:
bear arms, (2nd Amendment)
choose their religious (1st Amendment)
and human rights
of those who happen to be white, straight and Conservative.

If we choose to fight FOR the rights of one,
maybe we really should not be fighting against the rights of anyone...
and fight for the RIGHTS of ALL.

Thanks for commenting!!! Add more if you like, I would like to hear it.
Ms A
Zonuss · 41-45, M
Perhaps it is the vague but apparent inadequacies and insecurities that you see in yourself. Or the inability to ignore the incompetent nature of others. 🙂
[@322117,Zonuss] Of course,[b] we see the world as we are[/b]; that's a given.
But in this instance, I see others "as I used to be" and I KNOW the pain that I brought upon myself and others for being so egocentric.
I don't think that it is an "inability to ignore",
[b]I can IGNORE really well. [/b]
I think I have a sensitivity to the LACK OF EDUCATION and critical thinking, it bothers me, I am ABLE to ignore but my heart sees [b]this as a PROBLEM that we CAN solve as Humanity[/b] and [b]I'd like to see a LITTLE EFFORT toward being "part of the solution rather than part of the problem"[/b] in many people's behavior.

I stated that phrase, when I was consulting with a faith friend about a networking community venture that would awaken the friends (Baha'i, but you can imagine any religious group), to the WORK that everyone does. If I was looking for an Accountant to do taxes for my business, I asked several and NO ONE knew of anyone. WHY???

When I was consulting with a dear friend, knowledgeable of past initiatives such as this, stated [i]"Creating and offering a network (list) of friend's (other believers) and WHAT THEY DO for a living; what they offer to Humankind, could lend itself to backbiting and division rather than community. If you recommend a friend for those taxes and they don't do the best job for you, what do you say when another friend asks for a recommendation? What if they come to you and say "Hey, the person you recommended ripped me off?". [/i]

All I could respond was [b]REALLY??? I just hate people sometimes.[/b]

Maybe that will clarify the basis of my thread. thanks.
Zonuss · 41-45, M
[@1192954,MsAlaineEYes] People are who they are. Unless they take responsibility for their actions nothing will change. Nothing. They will stay the same. ☺️

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