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Worst thing you have done for revenge,and why. As long as it was deserved.
36-40, M
12 replies
Sep 24, 2016
Put holes in a chicks condoms
Primnproper · 46-50, F
@Primnproper: I wonder if it worked 😈
Primnproper · 46-50, F
@Nunlover: 😄
Ramon67 · 56-60, M
Have sex with wifes best friend after I caught her having sex with my brother .
MysteryBe · F
Trust me there have been quite few that were deserving. But since I believe in Lady Karma I let her handle it. And, I believe that she is more strict than I.
threw a glass of beer on my bestfriend.
But I don't do big revenges normally
PinkPunk · F
i started a rumor that this girl in summer camp wet her bed, even faked some evidence... everyone mocked her for the rest of the camp, noone believed her
livesincar · 36-40, M
I like it,like cooties or something
GeniUs · 51-55, M
Many people are deserving of my vengence, here is how I exact it: I live my life in the most enjoyable way I can and have a bloody good time, if you see it you do if you don't you don't.
cycleman · 56-60, M
nothing really , I say my two cents and just leave , be done with them.
Peaches · F
What ya put on the internet STAYS on the internet, so I'm never posting all that?! :o
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