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Are you adventurous or safe?
61-69, M
16 replies
Jan 28, 2019
ThriftStore · 46-50, F
ElwhaLife · 61-69, M
It would seem opposites actually do attract and must do well together.
ThriftStore · 46-50, F
they say they attract but don’t last long [@879275,ElwhaLife]
ElwhaLife · 61-69, M
Now don’t say that or I might thing you are happy
I try to be safe but it's just in my nature to be adventurous
ElwhaLife · 61-69, M
[@5334,ZaybGOTHLING] and being adventurous is much more fun
indyjoe · 51-55, M
I can be a little adventurous on occasion, but for the most part I am a cautious, careful, conservative, and consciencious person. Iam a firm believer in boundaries and limitations...always have been.
FaeLuna · 26-30, F
Adventurous. I'm the kind of person who will stand on the top of the dunes at the beach, at midnight in January, right after a big storm, to watch the strong waves come in. And then run down and see how close I can get without getting soaked.
ElwhaLife · 61-69, M
[@748264,FaeLuna] Be realLy adventurous, get wet 😄
FaeLuna · 26-30, F
[@879275,ElwhaLife] If I had remembered to bring a towel, I would have!
ElwhaLife · 61-69, M
You are funny and I like that[@748264,FaeLuna]

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Are you adventurous or safe? | Life | Similar Worlds