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I Used to Get the Cane At School

I experienced the cane at school when I was 14 and in the 3rd form. There were some workmen at the school doing some renovations and one of them made an inappropriate remark to me which I should have ignored and just reported him. However, I made a remark back to him and walked off. Unbeknown to me I was reported for what I said and found myself summoned to see the Headmistress. I explained myself to her and she said that I should have just turned the other cheek, not said anything and reported him to a teacher. She further said that he was a guest of the school and I should have not spoken to him.

Although I had never been in trouble with the Head before she felt it was a serious enough offence to warrant 3 strokes of the cane. In no time at all I was bending over and receiving what felt like 3 hard, stinging whacks with the cane across my bottom which made me cry. The experience was not one I cared to repeat and I managed to avoid being caned again in my school career. Lots of my friends also fell victim and had the same experience as me of being caned. Althogh painful at the time I hold no grudges and accept that I shouldnt have acted as I did and deserved punishment.
Rebecca54 · 61-69, F
It is good that you hold no grudges as 3 strokes of the cane seems a bit harsh for your offence - especially as you had not been trouble before. Did you get it touching your toes or have to bend over a chair?

We had to bend across a large padded leather chair and I still cringe when I see large brown leather chairs!

Were girls slippered at your school for minor offences? I would have thought the slipper would have been more appropriate in your case
sarafina · 56-60, F
[@590931,Rebecca54] Maybe it was harsh. The slipper was an option but not much used. The Head was in favour of using the cane whenever she could.

I had to bend over the end of her desk to be punished
barney1 · M
[@590931,Rebecca54] we got ito in heads study usually across the desk
[@1028248,sarafina] I realize that the cane is no longer an option but another change is the definition of fault.

Male worker comments on students would generate a complaint (justified in my opinion) of sexual harassment. Maybe loosely speaking, a worker is a guest, but now students are not to be messed with. This alleged "guest" is the one who should have gotten the three strokes.
Mamapolo2016 · 70-79, F
Oh, I long for those lovely days being rude was a bad thing.
This message was deleted by its author.
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] Ah, but in the good old days, sexist lunchtime comments should have been recognized for what they are, namely, sexual harassment and verbal assault and no "guest" deserves a polite response while engaged in such illegal and rude conduct.
RosieTime · 56-60, F
As I went to the same school as you and was also caned so I know how you felt. Trouble is with me I did not learn my lesson and ended up being caned 3 times in total. I think the Head was a sadist who loved caning girls.
SteveH1954 · 61-69, M
Was the cane given over your skirt, sarafina, or did you have to pull up or take off your skirt first?
sarafina · 56-60, F
[@638244,SteveH1954] I was given the cane over my skirt
Regfries · 70-79, M
Was yours a girl's school or co-ed?
sarafina · 56-60, F
[@960357,Regfries] It was an all girls school

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I Used to Get the Cane At School
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