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Liklihood of internal promotion background check
Hey guys, I work for a really large company. Im worried because im 2 classes shy of a degree. The position I am in doesn't require one. In my initial application I put that I put my attendance dates. I have 5 years of college under belt, just didn't actually graduate. Im worried that they will do a background check for internal promotion and find out I didn't get actual degree. Maybe they will at least be able to see I attended 5 years worth of school? Does anybody know how this works?
31-35, F
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Jul 6, 2017
tupolevtu144 · 26-30, M
well miss i think u should be asking those ppl on yahoo answers instead of this website......
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Did you claim to have a degree? If not then no problem.
50/50 on this one. Are you enrolled in those last 2.classes? If proof. You'll be fine. If not, it will ride on your work history there. If you've been a good employee..they will gloss over it.
SW User
No sorry I don't but a internal promotion sounds very odd like something u just made up fake an put in urban dictionary usually employers do background checks to see if u have ever been sued an arrested an for a credit check good luck Good-by very strange person
firefall · 56-60, M
They're massively unlikely to do a background check once they've already hired you - if they're going to do one, it occurs either before first hiring, or when stepping up to a new security clearance (where that obtains). Anyone in HR is almost certain at most to glance at your CV, see you had the relevant number of years, and assume that whoever first hired you checked the degree bit.
CereBellum · 41-45, F
Curious: why didn't you get your degree? You were/are so close.
Brassm0nk3y · 31-35, F
Got pregnant, had a miscarriage and went through serious episode of depression. My parents and I got in huge fight because of pregnancy, they said they wouldn't pay for the out of state tuition any longer had to move back home and start working. I wouldn't have been able to just go anywhere else without being in school for like a whole additional year. This year, I am planning to try to see about getting back into school to finish. Looking to see if I can do online classes there, take out student loans. @CereBellum:
SW User
@Brassm0nk3y: your dishonesty is disgusting Lea
Goralski · 46-50, M
If they like ya they'll keep ya
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