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How do co workers treat you?
I am the youngest out of the whole shop but damn! I am a 27 year old man for goodness sake! Don’t talk to me like a child.

I know the games. The Manipulating.
26-30, M
10 replies
Aug 21, 2019
Very well. They often ask me for help.
JS1992 · 26-30, M
[@369878,DreamyCrush] that’s good!
Lissa · 31-35, F
Well I'm a manager so I only have a few who doesn't like me
JS1992 · 26-30, M
Haha well management is a tough job.

SageAdvice · F
[b][i]Fuck them bitches.[/i][/b]
JS1992 · 26-30, M
Right! :D
purplepen · 46-50, F
Mostly good except when they're in a bad mood.
Rickg · 26-30, M
Office politics is bloodsport
In my last office, it was the opposite. I was the eldest and some of my younger colleagues would say, “when are you going to retire ?” The company closed the office, transferred the positions to Alabama (from California). The youngsters were panicking, they had the option of following the work for considerably less money, or being unemployed. Some asked me, “what will you do ?” I replied, “as you’ve often reminded me, [b]I[/b] can retire !”
And so I did. 🙂
JS1992 · 26-30, M
Wow! Congrats! You showed them

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