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I Lack Faith In Humanity
Hope and faith are 2 giants, friends for years strolled along the beautiful seashore.

A beautiful shell glistened to which they both glanced, oh dear they both wanted it?

Now this is where it became difficult, an arguement broke out about whom it belonged to.

The sun stopped shining, the sea became rough and the more they argued the wilder and darker the island the stood became.

As the arguments continued the once calm and beautiful island became one of darkness and vicious storms. The waves destroyed most of the island leaving only 2 mountain tops in the middle of the sea.

Now their anger grew and grew, they found new ways to mistreat each other, threw rocks and felt immense guilt and anger.

Both too stubborn to apologise or forgive they plotted to further the animosity felt towards one another. Faith plotted to push Hope off her mountain while she slept.

Carrying out her plan she stood across Hopes sleeping body, Hope awoke and instead of following through with the plan faith started to laugh? And so did Hope.


Well when the tides became higher and the ocean angry they lost their shoes. They hadn't noticed they were wearing different coloured shoes before, as their laughter grew the sun came out and everything about the island became beautiful again.

Be like Hope, be like Faith 🙂

It was just a silly shell.

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I Lack Faith In Humanity
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