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I Am Introspective

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Is being selfish, supremely confident and unsympathetic a negative thing. Am i unknowingly pushing myself towards the dark side...i wonder.
36-40, M
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Nov 20, 2016
First stop labeling it. But I wonder how you can be unsympathetic and think that's a good thing when we are all brothers and sisters. 馃
Unlearn36-40, M
i have (had) my reasons...
Confidence is not a bad thing, it's far better than being uncertain in yourself and your abilities.

Maybe you can practice doing nice things for people if you think you're selfish. Do something small to make someone's day like give them a compliment/a small gift/help them with something.

It's the little things that can brighten a person's day. :3
Unlearn36-40, M
hmm...i have my moments when i have tender feelings for others but it's never more than my self love...
@Unlearn: Everyone should care for themself at least a little, but it is important to care for others as well.

It's great to hear that you definitely do have empathy for people. Most everyone I know is completely stone-cold when it comes to the well-being of others.

You do seem to genuinely care about this (at least a little bit, anyways) and I think that the more you try to concern yourself with the needs of others (it doesn't have to be strangers, it can just be with people you're close to if you'd like) the more you will get in the habit of wanting to help them.

Of course you don't have to give away everything you have or devote all of your time to assisting people, but practicing holding the door for people (if you already don't) and doing small tasks like these can help.
Unlearn36-40, M
@MidnightRain: my thoughts are predominantly about me. i don't consider other people. I don't think bad or evil of others, it's just that i am blind to their feelings and needs.

All traits that I hate to see in myself.

Idk though. To each his own.
Unlearn36-40, M
are these traits there in you?
@Unlearn: I think so. Yes.
Silentspectator41-45, F
De had always captivated hearts with his voice.

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I Am Introspective
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