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"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" -- Theme Music


This haunting piece was composed by Alex North (1910-1991), who wrote the music for more than 50 films during the nearly 40 years he worked in Hollywood.

The American composer was nominated for an Academy Award 15 times (including Best Original Music Score in 1967 for [i]Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?[/i]), but never won a competitive Oscar. However, in 1986, he became the first composer to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Academy.

Presented by Quincy Jones, the Academy Honorary Award was given to North "in recognition of his brilliant artistry in the creation of memorable music for a host of distinguished motion pictures".
Such an intense and intriguing piece of music, Pah. You always pay attention to music, and enjoy the intricacies thereof.

I went and looked up Alex North, and he鈥檚 composed music for such iconic movies like Cleopatra and a Streetcar named Desire! 馃樆Thanks for sharing this...Mr North certainly deserves the recognition.

I鈥檓 watching the movie [i][b][i]Who鈥檚 afraid of Virginia Woolf [/i][/b][/i]now...I hope it鈥檚 not a horror 馃槵
Rutterman41-45, M
[@372543,Vivaci] I'm not sure. She might have.
[@121363,Rutterman] I鈥檓 sure he鈥檚 running around the Heavens angels wrecking up hell and cheeky humor there too...馃槣馃槇
Rutterman41-45, M
[@372543,Vivaci] Oh yeah, no doubt. 馃槆 馃槇
mrlopez26-30, M
I read vagina wolf
SW User
[@1161949,mrlopez] I did the same hahahahahaha
Rutterman41-45, M
[@1161949,mrlopez] [@1201561,Kimchigirl] Of course you did. 馃槅
JohnnyO36-40, M
[@121363,Rutterman] Will I Guide A,Special Group Of People When I become A,Deity
JohnnyO36-40, M
[@121363,Rutterman] Will I get New SW,Groupies answering do him questions about male users And Admin Andrew
Rutterman41-45, M
[@105699,JohnnyO] Yes to all of the above questions.
JohnnyO36-40, M
[@121363,Rutterman] Nice
That really is a beautiful piece and what a great movie that was! I'm looking at the stills of George Segal. He was so handsome. He passed away very recently. RIP.
Rutterman41-45, M
[@517284,HarryRidesTheShortBus] Yes, agreed on both counts. Recently re-watched the movie (it's on YouTube) and it hasn't lost any of its power for me.

RIP, George Segal. Such a fine actor.
Lilymoon46-50, F
Hahaha I saw that movie... non stop fighting between Taylor and Burton 馃槵 they were incredible 馃榿
Rutterman41-45, M
[@1141547,Lilym] Very intense movie, but some of the insults they threw at each other were pretty funny. 馃槄

They were such great actors. Among the very best who ever lived.
Lilymoon46-50, F
[@121363,Rutterman] yeah incredible...I'm guessing they were pretty volatile irl too. Haha
Rutterman41-45, M
[@1141547,Lilymoon] Lol. I believe they were. 馃槃
Great movie with a consummate actress and actor.
Rutterman41-45, M
[@822235,soar2newhighs] Couldn't agree more.
Such a beautiful score 鈾ワ笍
Rutterman41-45, M
[@868864,HannahSky] Couldn't agree more. I feel kind of emotional when I listen to it.
[@121363,Rutterman] exactly
PepsiColaP22-25, F
I love this woman
Rutterman41-45, M
[@1090951,PepsiColaP] Virginia Woolf? Don't think I've read any of her works.

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