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I Think Some People Shouldn't Have Kids

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One or them I know is my mother. She did drugs and preferred that over us. Then afterwards she cleaned herself up and then two weeks later she walked out it on us. She never came back. She moved to England to have her own life. She sends us postcards and her number. When I try to call she never returns our calls but on her birthday or Mother Day. She doesn't don't wanna talk about us this past Sunday which hurt very bad. One of my brothers says mom is dead to him and he doesn't care and hate her for what she did. When I mentioned her he quickly changes the subject. He would be like, "Who the hell cares?! She doesn't care." He HATES her. I hate her for what she did but I still want that mother daughter bonding. I wanna go visit her but people are telling me it isn't worth it and she'll just let me down like she always does. My dad is letting me go visit her. I'm having second thoughts. Maybe I can live there I don't know. If my mom doesn't give a shit or preferred drugs over her own kids, then she shouldn't have had us at all
18-21, F
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May 15, 2019
MrMaX · 90-99, M
You gotta get over her kiddo
MotherlessDaughter01 · 18-21, F
[@603391,MrMaX] I can't! She's my mama!! I feel like everyone is keeping away from her! I want a mother and daughter bonding but she isn't interested.
Lantaberry · 31-35, F
Every child craves a bond with their mother, it's normal and natural. Some of us don't get to have that, and it's hard. Sending you love.
MotherlessDaughter01 · 18-21, F
[@939585,Lantaberry] My friends tell me that the woman only cares about herself, and doesn't even want us and I need to move on from her. I got upset seeing all the Mother's Day posts
Lantaberry · 31-35, F
[@921684,MotherlessDaughter01] it's one thing to accept something mentally, and a completely different story where the emotional side comes into play. It's ok to hope. At some point you will need to decide for yourself, and it won't be easy. It's very hard to accept that one's mom doesn't care. Because she is supposed to.

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I Think Some People Shouldn't Have Kids
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One or them I know is my mother. She did drugs and... | I Think Some People Shouldn't Have Kids | Similar Worlds