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I Wonder What People Really See

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We often mistakenly associate Psychic power with the paranormal or the supernatural when in fact there are many examples of everyday psychic phenomenon. We all have extrasensory experiences and often times we don't even recognize it as so. You, even you have had these kinds of common psychic experiences. We often just dismiss these kinds of things as coincidence or ignore them all together.

Have you ever:

Felt like somebody was watching you, and you look around and confirm your suspicion?
Ever dreamt of a person or place days before meeting them or visiting that place?
Ever finished somebody else's sentence? Or experienced Deja Vu?
Ever been angry and stuff around you shook, or vibrated, or even smashed?
Ever jumped out of the way of impending danger? Like a speeding car or falling branch?
Ever heard somebody call out your name, even when there is nobody around?
Ever predicted an event just seconds before it occurred? or influenced its results?

If you have experienced these kinds of moments in your life, things that you cannot explain with the five 'normal' senses then you may be a psychic clairvoyant. If any of these stories sound like things that have happened to you in your life, or if you have other examples of telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance or precognition (i would love to hear about them) then you too may have the raw psychic potential to develop your psychic powers using the Psychic Investigations model.

In this video we take a look at a range of commonly experienced psychic phenomena. These are all events that people report happening to them in their daily lives. How many of these psychic events have you experienced?

From Telepathy and Clairvoyance to Precognition and Telekinesis, some people believe that we all have a certain amount of raw untapped natural psychic ability.

We all have Psychic experiences in our lives and often dismiss them as coincidence. We have some raw natural psychic abilities such as Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition and Telekinesis many people may require require training and others people are just naturals, they have a gift.
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Nov 19, 2016
Edited: 3 yrs ago
Chrintelle · M
Thank you for this post.
sdsoto · F
Ponyato · F
All that telepathy or pyro abilities are people who have them naturally more developed than others. The more you practice it, the better you can do it.
sdsoto · F
I wrote it because I've experiencing Telepathy, Precognition, and Telekinesis
Calmsoul · 26-30, M
I didn't read all of it ..but tge part i read it makes sense and i agree
sdsoto · F
This all adds up, to the topic that we all only use the avarage 10% of our brains, the rest is completely useless, but according to science it is possible for human beings to use more than the avarage 10% and that can be proven if you experience any of the obove.. I've experience all of the obove, and I took an IQ test at school and I have 99.9 %. That is why I wrote this
Calmsoul · 26-30, M
@sdsoto: inspiring ...
sdsoto · F
Just as there are more unsolvable mysteries in the world we live in, there are unsolvable mysteries of the mind itself. The myriads of 'connections' within our brains in making a simple decision defies science when it comes down to the actual mechanics of such a small action. It's too simple to talk of electrical pulses and stimulation within the brain in how it operates.

Given that there are so many mysteries that see both by way of action or by thought, there must surely be greater and much deeper mysteries in how the mind works. I agree that there are mental plains where some venture into, some of which cannot be explained, and in a likewise manner I believe we each have 'gifts' in the manner of which you write of.

[Edit for typo's] DOH! :)
Confined · 51-55, M
It is a myth we only use 10 percent of our brains. We use 100 percent.
Kids being born now have much higher psychic abilities then in the past. I have experienced in bits and pieces the psychic senses mentioned by the original poster.
sdsoto · F
Correct, every paranormal abilities proven are all in children, but your wrong, we don't use the 100% it is impossible, a human body can't take so much information, we only use 10% it is possible to use a bit more, but impossible to use the 100%
@sdsoto: I agree with that. And, to be fair, so much is still yet unknown of how the brain works as a mass:

[i] "A deeper understanding of human brain connectivity and its variability [which] will provide valuable insights into what makes us uniquely human and what accounts for the great diversity of behavioural capacities and repertoires in healthy adults".[/i]

I think that says it all for my understanding and ability to understand the brain itself.
sdsoto · F
After all we are part of the Animal kingdom, just a little bit more evolved, who says we can't have more than the avarage percent... But it is completely impossible to have the 100%

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