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Let's compile a list of all the perverts who have sent unsolicited dick pics
I don't know if someone has done this yet. But let's make a list and then we should all block the people on this list.
And just to clarify, my definition of a pervert is someone who sends out dick pics, or someone who just wants a nude pic from someone and nothing else, like they just want something to jerk off to.
22-25, F
30 replies
Nov 19, 2016
Edited: 3 yrs ago
Hail hitler
nigel does
hiddenkitty · 22-25, F
Did he really? I've seen his comments and he seems like a respectful person. I just want to be sure you're not joking.
@hiddenkitty: lmao ,I've never seen him ,he's had me blocked since day one I think 😂
hunkalove · 61-69, M
No one has ever sent me one. I feel left out!
I'll hook you up 😂
meJess · F
hunkalove · 61-69, M
@meJess: The original Trump!
JoyfulSilence · 41-45, M
Here is my Dick pic. I want to be on your list!

SW User
That would teach them anyway 👺
hiddenkitty · 22-25, F
In theory, if we all block said perverts, the perverts would have no one to message, thus they will not be able to send any dick pics. In theory.
SW User
Just in theory, in real they need 5 minutes to make a new profile. The only advantage would be that nobody would take them serious anymore.👍
adshaw · 31-35, M
You could put everyone who supposedly did this on a ban list, yet there would still be lots of girls posting about receiving them; and how all the guys who contact her are just interested in talking dirty.
adshaw · 31-35, M
@hiddenkitty: Some of those girls do not want a solution. Some are not even receiving any messages. They just fabricate incidences to draw attention and vent.
hiddenkitty · 22-25, F
I still think having a list could be nice for those, such as myself, who have received unsolicited dick pics. However, I cannot recall receiving a dick pic on this site, but I definitely did a handful of times on EP, so it does sound likely to me that some people are receiving unsolicited dick pics on here.
adshaw · 31-35, M
Yes, it would help some.
Ear4u2 · M
Peeing in the shower is perverse: supporting gay people is perverse: giving your cat a birthday is perverse, shall I continue
hiddenkitty · 22-25, F
@Ear4u2: I see I need to be more specific. I'm sorry for the inconcise language. Let me try again. My definition of perverse is different than your definition of perverse. I think the issue might be that I'm subjective. Also, I'm not just doing this for myself. I'm doing this for the many others who have a problem with unsolicited dick pics on this site. So, just to be clear again, I don't consider myself to be a perv because I don't think peeing in the shower is perverse, and I don't think supporting gays is perverse, and I don't think giving my cat a birthday is perverse. In my comment where I said "When I said "Perverts who send dick pics," I mean ONLY the ones who send dick pics," I mean this is my definition of perverse.
Ear4u2 · M
@hiddenkitty: my apologies, you do have to be careful the way things are said, hence my initial comments
hiddenkitty · 22-25, F
Okay. I edited my post.
SatyrService · 100+, M
Yeah, just post and make the group, "this Guy sent a Dick pick, " then post the name!
hiddenkitty · 22-25, F
People on EP did, and no one on here has sent any to me, but they have to other peple and that's bad, so we need to block the perverts and report them
SatyrService · 100+, M
Oh I meant post it as a question
"Who has etc.
hiddenkitty · 22-25, F
Oh I see. Maybe later

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