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If United States & Canada were ENEMIES?!
What would happened if U.S and Canada were total enemies like Russia and U.S?! 馃
31-35, M
34 replies
Nov 17, 2016
SW User
I think we would get destroyed honestly
emjaymj31-35, M
They only have 35 Million ppl. Canada would get creamed over night for SURE!
SW User
@emjaymj: Oh well it shows what I know
emjaymj31-35, M
@Whtsgoingon2017: hahahah
LvChris36-40, M
Maple Syrup embargo and proxy wars in the hockey world!
Russia and US aren't gonna be ememies soon with our next president he's going to work with them and we'll be friends.

As for Canada I guess it'd be the same except there'd be more of a conflict scare.
SoulAsylum26-30, M
Canada would lose and be absorbed by the U.S.
Wilbury46-50, M
A lot of us would put on the c4 backpacks rather than let that happen.
SW User
last time the (then pink, now) white house got burned down.
cycleman56-60, M
Canada wont have enemy's. That is the worst thing to do to ourselves
emjaymj31-35, M
Probably scratch back!! I just cant imagine what would happened between the border.
cycleman56-60, M
@emjaymj: I wonder what the Brits and Aussie's would do? Would they sit back and watch? lol
emjaymj31-35, M
@cycleman: loool omg I could see that!! and canada would like HELP ME!! FKin assholes!
SW User
Canada would feed intelligence to wikileaks in order to influence our election and get us to hand over our military and intelligence services to a narcissistic incompetent.
some really intense hockey
Noahkahol90-99, M
Canada can kiss Americas generous and sweet hard core ass that we've been here to ensure their safety so they don't need to build a top shelf defense system.
SW User
Poor Canada.. no offense! 馃槃
SW User
I didn't say anything.. did I? 馃槃
emjaymj31-35, M
@some-1: You've put your hand on your jaw pondering. So I wanted to help your clarifying it. (Just in case.)
SW User
Oh, thank you, so nice of you! 馃槃
But I didn't think you hated US or something..

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