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I think sometimes people forget that there are just some people built to be smaller.

Like my mom she's just under 5' tall and I'm pretty sure she weighs 100lbs or less. She's been tiny as long as I've been alive. I think I take after her with being meant to be tiny.
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Zaphod4246-50, M
That should be a comfort to a certain mountain dwelling bard on here 馃槀
causernamebemyusername26-30, M
Being short is a choice馃槨
AntisocialTroll51-55, F
But you are what 4 inches taller than your mum with a larger build? So you need to weigh more than you do.

Are you talking to a counsellor regularly yet? Your head is lying to you, it's the ana that makes you think as you do.
AntisocialTroll51-55, F
[@607512,apersonnamedit] I don't envy you, I hope that whichever way it happens you manage to get the help you need.
[@1078962,AntisocialTroll] I was looking online at bmi's for anorexia and since I'm just a shade under 16 I'm considered severe. I think it said 13 and under is where the body shut down but I've already been having issues regulating temperature and some heart palpitations
AntisocialTroll51-55, F
[@607512,apersonnamedit] One of the biggest problems is that once you are where you are, going from 16 to 13 can happen really frighteningly fast and you're buggered before you know it.

Also whilst the risk gets bigger the lower you go even at 16 your body isn't coping well, for you personally dropping any lower might just be too much, you need to be dealing with this now if you've a genuine interest in living.
MaryJanine61-69, F
My mom had four children. She was 5 foot, my stepsister was five one, and my mom's remaining three children were all over five foot five.
DeWayfarer61-69, M
Personally making general statements about anyone I believe is wrong. Everyone is different. No two people are the same. Only in broadest sense do generalities make sense. The more specific the catagory the less it applies to the whole.

We may call a fruit an orange yet what applies to an orange doesn't necessarily apply to a grape despite both being fruit.

The same follows with people. Because there is many types of both grapes and oranges.

It's also why you can graph one type of grape to another and the same to graph different kinds of citrus fruits. Yet not be able to graph a grape plant to any citrus tree. Yet they are all still fruit.
Size doesn't matter it's how much you love your family and friends

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