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Ladies would you marry a less attractive man or a good looking gorgeous man and why?

I would date cute guys but I’m going for the good looking guys. My sister told me I shouldn’t always go for those kind of guys they don’t always make the best partners. She said yes looks doesn’t even matter but less attractive guys make better boyfriends and stay away from gorgeous guys.
I can take whoever I want. My first boyfriend wasn’t a good looking guy but I didn’t care about that. He was cute but unfortunately he dumped me for dumb reasons.
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PepsiColaP · 22-25, F
A rich man
[@1090951,PepsiColaP] NEVER MIND. You like what you like
PepsiColaP · 22-25, F
[@1132160,AutisticYoungWoman2002] what do you like
[@1090951,PepsiColaP] cute guys
TurtlePink · 18-21, F
Medium ugly to good looking
TurtlePink · 18-21, F
[@19729,TheRascallyOne] a solid 10 I bet 🤗🤗
TurtlePink · 18-21, F
[@19729,TheRascallyOne] Even though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a human picture of you
TheRascallyOne · 26-30, M
[@526179,TurtlePink] message me ill send one
DawsonsGrove · 51-55, F
For me it's not about looks. It's about personality and loyalty
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
People usually marry someone who is about as good looking as they are. This is what I've read about social science studies.

Unless there is a game changer 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵
[@6578,HoraceGreenley] ok well I’m not a good looking person so I’m probably going to get a not so good looking guys
TexChik · F
My hubby is gorgeous ! Swept me off my feet ! 🥰🥰🥰
I appreciate fitness , discipline, intelligence , diligence , and integrity all wrapped up in a layer of eye candy ! 😉
[@113373,TexChik] So you’re 5’8. That’s cool I wish I was your height. I intimidate a lot of guys. My ex is 6ft well unfortunately he dumped me because he was embarrassed to be seen by a tall big girlfriend and he said I was not interesting enough and some other stuff.
TexChik · F
[@1132160,AutisticYoungWoman2002] no 5’11”
TexChik · F
[@1132160,AutisticYoungWoman2002] He's a dork!
Iamonfire666 · 31-35, F
I wouldn’t marry anyone that I didn’t find attractive.
[@10165,Iamonfire666] same
GunFinger · 41-45, F
Hubby's gorgeous.
[@352154,GunFinger] you're a lucky woman. Keep other women away from him.

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