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Why do some people treat adults with autism like little kids?

I hate that! They are ADULTS so treat them like adults! Not children! So my family does that to one of my cousins and she is 18. Dude she is an adult, so stop coddling the ugly truth from her! She should be able to handle it. She can handle it. She’s old enough. Feel like nobody’s telling her things that she needs to know about life and how ugly it is. OK I take it back, my uncle does and the family does too but I feel like like they talk to her like she is five. If she does something stupid or she ask a question just tell it straight up and be honest. Don’t sugarcoat it and stop worrying about offending her. She’s going to have to get on comfortable sometime! I also feel like nobody is telling her that her dad isn’t going to be around forever and someone HAS to tell her. I know she probably knows but she needs a reminder and don’t sugarcoat it. Yeah she will not be happy hearing that and her feelings will probably be hurt that’s gonna make her remember it. I feel like some people are like “Remember sweetie what we told you about?” Or “Good try, honey.” NO!!! Say it like this, “You better start remembering shit! Welcome to adult life and start acting like one! Or “Wrong!” Or “You are just not a good fit for whatever.” Or “Truh is your daddy isn’t going to be around forever! You better start learning how to defend for yourself and do shit on your own because you won’t be able to depend on dad anymore! You need to accept that he’s getting older and we all are.” Yea it is blunt but she needs to hear it. I have told her to call hard truth that when her daddy is dead, she won’t depend on him anymore and she needs to buck up and be a woman! She better learn how to have adult conversations without needing her dad. She is 18 she does not need permission anymore so we do mock her for it! Try to keep her from depending on him and let her make her own choices and be an ADULT WOMAN. I’ve made her cry with the truth but it’s better than making her happy with a sugarcoated lie. Yes it sounds cruel but I an doing her a favor. I know her dad is making her do stuff on her own giving her that tough love she needs.
Sometimes you have to be BLUNT with autistic people. The the other way for them to get the point sometime. I know she’s daddy’s girl and it hurts her to hear that but someone had to tell her. It’s gonna be stuck in her mind and it should. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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4meAndyou · F
I love the show, "The Good Doctor", for many of those reasons. I think it shows a very high functioning autistic genius and his struggles for acceptance and recognition of his abilities...and his adulthood.
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@387713,4meAndyou] i’ve never heard of that show. But he’s driving everyone crazy with his slow pace and lack of acceptance.
SunnyTheSkeptic · 22-25, M
Yeah, my 30 something friend with autism would prefer to be treated like a child sometimes, instead everyone around her treated her like crap because she was different and weird, including her dad who didn't even want her as a daughter as if it was her friggin fault that she's autistic.

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