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People out there still thinking that a guy and a girl can't be JUST friends??

Strictly platonic?
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Gaiia · F
Ofc it can be like that if there's respect.
Ynotisay · M
Some of my closest friends are women. Strictly platonic. It's not difficult.
Lilym · F
Yeah of course they can. Lol
[@1141547,Lily2] people are so dumb though.

Like I don't have platonic friends I want to sleep with?

I do! can't have her.

still my friend.
Lilym · F
[@10406,BetweenKittensandRiots] haha yep
[@1141547,Lily2] Yeah when I was a teenager It probably wouldn't of worked but I got older ended up with someone amazing and now it's just like I'm so in love anyways that having these feelings on the side is just...

Like I feel happy she has a great boyfriend. it's crazy. like I'm not even jealous it's just like after a series of abusive relationships she suffered I'm just kind of sitting back drinking soda and watching those two flirt and going ba'wwww....

Happy for her, genuinely. I also started realizing the nature of pain is wanting things you cannot have and started to work on trying to learn to love without attachement.... she was that one friend that almost every hooman alive has that gets in abusive relationship after abusive relationship..... and then she broke the cycle and I'm RELEIVED.
Lolz right.. unless he’s gay.. He secretly wants to smash smash
Reject · 26-30, M
Well it depends on the guy and girl. It’s probably impossible for the specific people who think that.
PrincessVelvet · 31-35, F
The majority of my friends are male. Never been a problem.
FlowersNButterflies · 61-69, F
My longest lasting friendships are with men.
Yeah lol. I've had plenty of female friends and everyone around was like, "Yeah I know you like her" but I didn't... and if I did, I wouldn't keep it a secret... I'm not 5.
Dizzybubbles32 · 26-30, F
Yeah, it sucks that some people can’t get past it
Only those who are [b]themselves[/b] incapable of maintaining such friendships.
REMsleep · 41-45, F
I do think that most often it get complicated unless you are from certain culture or friendship groups where this is common. In my area from what Ive seen its not common people say they are friends but I always find out that they dated before or want to date.
MushroomFaerie · 31-35, F
Yes...theres only a problem when one person doesnt respect that the other person isnt in to them
Azlotto · M
[quote]Strictly platonic?[/quote]

I never have succeeded in that.
Magenta · F
It's always hard for me to say yes with conviction. There is something in me that doesn't 100% believe they can. Maybe on the surface..

I've seen and experienced too much to think otherwise.
NiftyWhite · 41-45, F
I was best friends with a guy in high school - in fact he had a gf. we never once crossed a line. we were like brother n sister.
It doesn't tell about a guy or a girl. It tells what those persons(considered here as people) actually have in their minds.

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