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Why is it kinda common in 90s movies that a father would kiss his daughter on the lips or a sister would kiss her brother suddenly for no reason?

What's the point the directors want to send? 馃
In Meet Joe Black a father kissed his daughter , it wasn't sensual but it's still a kiss and in Face Off this girl's brother took a bullet and she gave him a kiss which was sensual.
Is there an explanation?
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RubySoo51-55, F
Dont you think parents should kiss their kids on the lips?
[@329653,RubySoo] Not if the kids are adults. It just seems wrong.
RubySoo51-55, F
[@10788,PiecingMeBackTogether] my kids are in their 20s. When they are home they hug me and kiss me and their Dad on the lips....just a quick peck. Their choice. Its what theyve done sincenthey were babes in arms and they are still happy to do so.
[@329653,RubySoo] Honestly it doesn't seem so bad. I'm not judging you but this isn't exactly something I see everyday you know? I guess it's just very rare. I get from you that It's a choice and nothing is wrong here. I appreciate you explaining it politely. Happy Thanksgiving 鉁
Eh some people kiss on the lips .. In a non romantic fashion but for the rest of us its weird because we consider it too intimate
[@209334,StellasXOF] I come from a different culture so yea I guess it makes some sense it gotta be really rare though.
[@10788,PiecingMeBackTogether] shrugs
reflectingmonkey46-50, M
ya, I've always found it weird when dads kiss their daughters on the mouth, in my head its as weird as giving a gentle slap on the ass, some kind of very mildly sexual inappropriate behavior. I'm not saying that this is the intention of those who say this, I'm not saying those who do this are sexually abusing their child, I'm just saying to me it feels like that, but each family has slightly different cultures and I don't want to judge anyone. in certain culture men, especially brothers, hold hands when walking down the street and in my culture doing that would be a bit gay but I'm sure to them it has a different meaning.
[@9310,reflectingmonkey] In that case it does make some sense but it's still odd and gotta be really rare. I come from a different culture too and imo it just feels a bit wrong but I agree that we can't judge them because they are just different.
Iwashere236-40, M
I agree! It鈥檚 just weird to kiss your daughter on the lips.
PerthSurfer46-50, M
I had an aunt try and kiss me on the lips once and i ran out of the room screaming 馃槯

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